Total Weight Loss

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What I'm Doing Now

Nothing!  Not really but I'm not following a structured plan right now.  My intention upon returning from Guatemala was to get back on the meal replacement shakes.  Life intervened and I never got started.  Since the regain was falling right back off I decided not to tamper with what was working.

The hubs and I took a fall break trip last weekend and hatched a plan that we embarked upon today.  We are keeping our food budget to $270 for the next 30 days.  That includes food we buy at the store and food we already have at home.  The $270 figure is what we've read is the national average for SNAP (food stamp) recipients.  ($4.50 per day per person)

We feel like keeping our food budget so low will automatically limit what and how much we eat.  We won't be unhappy if we lose a few pounds during the process.  We are documenting this adventure on another blog.  Feel free to follow us there.  I will continue to update here as well, but not in the detail that we plan to on the other blog.

I'm excited to see where this path leads us!


  1. love your little adventures/experiments! cant wait to hear all about it. and I do have a suggested reading that has inspired me and a frugal life it's called the complete tightwad gazette by amy dacyczyn. it's my go-to whenever I need to feel inspired and not deprived.

    1. I love that the hubs is always up for something like this. It certainly keeps life interesting.

      Thanks for the tip. I'll look for the book.