Total Weight Loss

Friday, November 30, 2012


I have had pain in my right hip off and on for years.  I was diagnosed with arthritis in the right hip joint several years ago.  When I get a flare up, I just pop a naproxen.  Generally that does the trick.  But not lately.

The past several weeks I've had off and on pain, but more on than off and much more severe.  I began to think that I'd injured myself somehow.  The pain would at some times be excruciating and at others just mildly annoying.  I hobbled around like a little old lady.  I knew I had a doctor's appointment soon, so I just waited for that.  It was Monday.

My doctor was quite concerned about the pain, and referred me to a specialist.  He was impressed with the P90X, but shocked that the weight loss had not been more dramatic. The last thing he said to me as I left his office was NOT to stop the P90X.

The specialist diagnosed inflammation in the connective tissue and prescribed a round of steroids and physical therapy for three weeks.  I'll start that as soon as I finish the steroids.  I am to continue with the workouts as best I can.  (Which is all I can say for myself anyway!!)

I was most unhappy to get the prescription for steroids.  I have fought too long and hard for the little ground I've gained to see it all slip away.  I asked if I would be hungry or grumpy ('roid rage) and was told my appetite would increase but so would my energy level and I would not get grumpy.

Yesterday was day number one of 6 days.  The doctor was right about one thing.  I wasn't grumpy.  I did not have a boost in energy and I was not hungry AT ALL.  In fact, I've had to force myself to eat.  Food just grosses me out right now.  I've been quite thirsty and have been chugging water like crazy. but eating, not so much.

My weight stayed the same this morning.  It is obviously too soon to know if this is related to the steroids or just something odd that has happened.  It is also too soon to know how my weight will be effected.

I'll just keep doing what I know to be right and see what happens.  Right now, I just want my hip to feel better.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Almost NSV

I have to share this funny story, probably giving too much insight into my psyche, but humorous none the less.

On Sunday, just before walking in to the auditorium for worship, I'd stopped by the ladies' room.  I checked the mirror to be sure my clothes were straight before exiting and thought that perhaps, just perhaps my outfit was a bit slimming.  And that just maybe all the workouts were beginning to show.

As I approached my seat, with that in mind, a kind gentleman whom I've known for 20+ years asked if someone 'had been whittling on me.'  I immediately felt as though my thoughts just moments earlier were being confirmed and smiled broadly at this.  Instead of thanking him, however, I said "Whittling on me?" because I did not want to automatically assume that is what he meant.  He gestured to the bandages from the surgery last week and said "Yes, right there.  Whose been whittling on you?"  I thanked him for his concern and explained that a suspicious spot had been removed and that all was well.  He expressed his pleasure that all was well and we went on our respective ways.

I breathed a sigh of relief that I had not automatically thanked him for noticing the minuscule weight loss and maybe even sharing how hard it had been.  That would have been embarrassing for both of us!

Oh well, soon enough I'll have that NSV where someone will notice my slimmer figure.  One day, it will happen.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Mileage

 I now have 856 miles in the bank for the year.  I'll get well in to the 900 mile range, if I don't get to 1000.  That's OK.  I know I have given this my best shot and I'll walk the remaining miles in 2013.

Sunday marked the end of the second four week phase of P90X.  As of this morning, I have lost 0.4 lbs.  Some of my more alert readers might remember that just last week I had posted a gain since October 1.  I lost 2 pounds last week.  Let me rephrase that.  I lost 2 pounds THANKSGIVING WEEK!  I'm really, really hoping that means I've turned the corner with this thing and the next 5 week session will bring some much anticipated results.  I have lost 5.25 inches over my entire body.  I'm sure the slow melt is the best.  I'm OK with that.  I just want to lose no matter how slowly.  I do not want to regain one ounce.

I am not getting too excited about the loss just yet.  I don't want to create an unrealistic expectation and be disappointed yet again.  I'm tired of being disappointed.  Besides that, I really can't tell in my clothes or in photographs just yet.  I had 65MD take pictures again last night.

They are in order from top to bottom.  The very top picture is the start picture.  The middle is after 4 weeks and the bottom is after 8.  I'm just seeing microscopic differences.  I debated about even posting them.  It seems a little pointless.

I will forge ahead still.  I will know soon enough if I've truly turned the corner or just had a fluke week.  Which by the way, was fabulous!  I'll refrain from gushing about what a great family I have.  I'm counting the weeks until we are all back together again.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Mileage

Today kicks off the Thanksgiving festivities in my family.  I'm off very soon to pick up my nephew from the airport.  So, today I only have time for the facts. 

I have 839 miles towards my goal for 1000.

I have gained 1.6 pounds since October 1 doing P90X.  I think the surgery messed me up more than I ever considered.  I'll keep my eating at the new level this week.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I'm not sure how much I'll be able to check in between now and this time next week.  I'll be enjoying every second possible with my family.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wednesday WRONG!

Mid morning on Wednesday, I had some minor surgery, very minor.  It had been planned for several weeks and I really had not given much thought to the notion that it might mess up my P90X routine.  My only concession was that given the time the surgery would take from my day, that I might not have time to do a full workout.  I thought I'd just do the ab ripper if that was the case.

The surgery went fine.  No problem and I was home early afternoon with no restrictions on activity.  I naively believed that ab ripper was in my future that afternoon.  The surgery was no where near my abdomen.  Let's just say it didn't happen.  In fact, I did nothing 'right' in the weight loss arena on Wednesday.

I did not drink the amount of water I usually do.  In fact, I recall drinking hardly any.  I also hardly ate.  It was an unusual experience for me.  I did not get upset with myself.  I just chalked it up to one of those life events that was beyond my control and moved on.  I thought that Thursday would be better.  It was, but only marginally.

I got about half my water in, but still did not track my food.  I tried to belly dance.  Thursday is typically my day for that and it is low impact so I thought I could do it.  I turned it off  during the warm up.  I think that set the tone for the day since I tried in the morning.  It seemed pointless to push the water or track my eating.  I just didn't feel like eating.  It seemed to be a lot of trouble to go prepare something to eat, so I just didn't.

This morning the scales registered a big gain.  I have regained all but 0.2 lbs that I lost since October 1.  Grrr!

The good news is, this morning I was able to belly dance and I've chugged water like a camel.  I'm still not too keen on eating.  I'm not really worried about that.  I know that my appetite will return soon enough.  I'm hoping that the scales start cooperating soon too.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Still Trying

I got the nutrition book for P90X out yesterday and gave it a thorough review.  I was really hoping to find something huge I missed.  Something I could point to, something to correct so that I could get the scales or the tape measure moving again.  I found nothing, huge or small.  I recalculated my nutrition needs to make sure I was in the proper zone for fat shredder.  According to my math, I am.

I did find one part that said it was hard to find the proper zone in some situations.  That the nutrition guidelines were general and sometimes needed to be tweaked for certain individuals.  So, I'm going to try that.  I'm upping the protein and lowering the carbs.  I had almost convinced myself to do a induction type eating plan, where carbs are virtually zero.  But the book explained that with this level of exercise carbs were necessary.

So, I'm going to give this a whirl and see what happens.  I'll probably try to give it until the end of the year to give it a fair chance.  Come January 1, I hope to have dazzling results to share, rather than the announcing of yet another plan to lose.  We'll see.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Mileage

 As of today, I have 816 miles towards my goal of 1000 for the year.  I'm creeping up on it.  I appreciate the confidence that Sharon has that I will get to my goal.  It could happen.

Also, as of today, I have lost 1.4 lbs with P90X.  That represents a total loss since October 1 not for the week.  In fact, for the week I gained 0.4 lbs.  So, it is decision time for me.  Do I stop, since this doesn't seem to be working?  Or, do I keep my commitment to do this for 90 days?  This is my conundrum.  Am I recognizing that this isn't working for me, or am I giving up?

I'm fine working through the hard part to get to the goal.  I'm just not sure I'm on the path to the goal.  It is hard for me to believe that I'm on the wrong path because who doesn't lose weight when they workout for an hour or more every day, six days per week?  Me?

I have struggled with those thoughts all week.  I don't want to be a quitter, but I don't want to keep on doing something that isn't working.  That is just a waste of time that I could be using to get actual results.

Right now, since I don't have a Plan B, I'm going to keep on with P90X this week.  I know for myself, if I stop without having another plan in mind, I'll be back next week reporting much more than a 0.4 lb gain.  I'm going to use the week to first give the workouts and nutrition plan everything I've got, and second explore other options.

I have a benchmark in mind for my weight next week.  If I meet that goal, I'll stay on P90X, if not, I'll have Plan B ready.  I have an idea of what to try next, but I'm open to suggestions.  Lay them on me.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

65MD Eats Pizza

Since 65MD is trying to trim a few pounds (and doing so quite successfully), he's also facing some of the mind battles we all do on this journey.

One of 65MD's favorite foods is pizza.  He'll eat pizza just about anyway it is prepared from just about any vendor.  He's had pizza on the brain lately.  He's tried to calculate how many calories per slice is favorite pizza is and how many slices he can have per day and not exceed his calorie limit.

He was formulating a plan in which he bought a pizza and froze the individual slices and took one to work each day for lunch.  I could see how the math worked and it would fit in to his calories, but I also know the pitfalls of having a whole lot of a taboo food around.

I remembered making cauliflower pizza some time ago using Lyn's recipe over at Escape from Obesity.  I asked 65MD if he would be willing to try it.  He eagerly agreed;  a little too eagerly.  It made me realize just how much he wanted pizza and if this missed the mark, he'd probably rush out to Papa John's before I could stop him.

I use a few of Lyn's recipes regularly, and as I said had tried this one once with success.  But, that was different.  I know what it is like to have those taste sensations in mind and how frustrating it is when reality doesn't match.  I forged ahead because, that's how I am.

I made a full size pizza with several meat toppings because the P90X plan is low carb so I could indulge as well.  Here is a shot of it.
After making the whole pizza, I had enough of everything to make another one just as large.  I told 65MD so, and that I hoped he liked because we'd probably have it again.  We each ate two slices initially.  That was plenty for me and left half of the pizza.  I laughed and told him that we were going to have this at least one more time even if I didn't make another one.  He said that he'd gladly eat it again, but wasn't finished yet.  He ate a third slice!  He polished the rest of it off the next night. He did say that he missed the bread but it wasn't worth it to eat it since this was so good.  This will definitely be added to the rotation in our household.  Thanks Lyn!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Mileage

I have 795 miles towards my goal of 1000 for the year.  The goal is in sight but so is the end of the year.  LOL!!  I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other and see just how many miles I've walked on December 31.

Sadly, my weight continues to yo-yo.  Yesterday, I really felt smaller.  I decided not to try to confirm it with the tape measure I did not want to get discouraged.  My waist might just be 1/4 of an inch smaller and I didn't want to get all disappointed.

I have decided to post my total weight loss since beginning P90X each Monday along with my mileage.  Hopefully, that little extra accountability will help.  We'll find out soon enough.

As of this morning I have lost 1.8 lbs.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Still Struggling

Folks, I'm sorry to report that I am still having a hard time.  I haven't had any more meltdowns like I did on Sunday so maybe that is progress.  I have spent a lot of time trying to be completely honest with myself by asking questions like:
*"Are you really giving it your all during the workout?"
*"Are you honestly recording your food?  All of it?"
*"Are you willing to do the hard stuff to get the reward?"
I truly believe that the answer to all those questions is "YES!"

During my workouts this week, I did my very best all the time.  I don't think I was slacking off before, but I really, really concentrated on pushing myself.  I've kept up with my food intake diligently.  The only thing that could possibly be a problem there is not enough food, specifically protein.  I am working hard, very hard to get the results I want.

What I need to do now, I think is adjust my expectations and wait.  I need to wait for my body to finally get it and drop the pounds.  I've done a lot of crazy things in the name of weight loss and my body could just be freaked out by yet another change.  This one is right.  This one is sane.  This one has slipped in to my lifestyle more easily than others.  This one feels different mentally.

I am envisioning myself as the chubby little caterpillar now.  I'm spinning my cocoon.  While I'm in there, I'll work my plan with all my might.  The fat and flab will slip away and toned and healthy body will emerge. 

Right now, literally, I'm putting on more and more layers as the cold weather comes to my area.  That is my cocoon.  In the spring when the weather warms and I no longer need layers of clothing to keep warm, I'll shed them.  And just like the butterfly emerges with bright colorful wings, I will emerge in a lithe and graceful body.  Wait and see.