Total Weight Loss

Friday, June 26, 2015

Burn, Baby Burn!

The other afternoon when my nephew and his family came over, when we made pizza and my niece did such a good job, the pizza burned.

I had set the timer and it was only about half way through the baking time, but the crust was black on the bottom.  It was thick enough for us to peel of the black part and eat it.  It was still quite good.  My mother ate the black part because she insisted that she liked burned stuff.  LOL!!

At that time, it seemed odd to me that the pizza burned, but I didn't think much about it.  A few days later, I burned something else.  I decided that there must be a problem with the oven.  65MD wasn't convinced until this morning, when this happened:

Black on the bottom and not even brown on the top, is not the result we were wanting.  We spent the entire morning trying to recalibrate the oven temp.  It was easy enough to actually do.  The problem was deciding how much to reduce the temp.    

I won't go in to a lot of detail but we put the meat thermometer in the oven to gauge the temp and the oven temperature was so high it wouldn't register on the meat thermometer.  We lowered the oven temp and tried again.  Of course that took a while because the oven had to cool.  Then 65MD decided that the meat thermometer was off, so we boiled water and put it in to see.  It was right.   After a few more tests in both ovens. we reduced the big oven by 25 degrees.

Here's the best part. 65MD thinks HE should bake something to make sure the oven is OK.  I'm choosing to believe that it is because what I make is too good to be ruined rather than him thinking I don't have the smarts to figure it out!!

Needless to say, this has delayed the floor project yet again.  65MD took the day off to work on the floor not the oven.  

It is always fun here in Lori-Land!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Bedroom Update

The oft mentioned travels have delayed this little project.  65MD had planned to make a lot of progress the weekend I was gone to see my nephew play in the Miracle League.  He got about 1/3 of the underlayment down.  That is it.  There has been no progress since!!

I am surprising even myself with how low key I've been about this.  After all, we are displaced (although comfortable) and the house is in chaos.  I have used that as an excuse not to clean, but no more.  As if it ever were an excuse.  I mean, getting a new bedroom floor is no excuse not to dust.  There is a lot of stuff that is displaced in addition to 65MD and me, yet that is no excuse not to clean it.

I am learning more and more how to pace myself.  Plus, I think those walks however short are helping.  I"m feeling more energized than I have felt in a LONG time.  I have even started on the pillow shams & comforter.

I might make it a contest to see who can finish first.  Me and the decor or 65MD and the floor.  Of course, I won't tell him in case I lose!!!  I'll simply announce that I won.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Change of Heart?

Taking three trips in rapid succession like I did, really did a number on my routine.  I'm getting settled back in to my routine and am feeling pretty good.

I have managed to walk to the mailbox and back every day except for Sunday and that was because there was so much going on I just plain forgot.  I think that next week, I'll walk to the end of the block.  The problem is our driveway is on a slight incline.  Walking to the street is much easier than walking back to the house.  After my experience in Philadelphia, I am a little fearful of pushing too far and having the neighbors see the Tim Conway walk back up the driveway!  I'm taking it slow and easy for now.

I gained a lot of weight on this last trip.  I know that a lot of it was water retention from salt because my hands were quite swollen.  I've managed to lose all of that.  Another indicator that it was salt.  Still, something has changed inside of me.  I haven't followed any sort of eating plan at all since coming home.  I've eaten as I've wanted to - when, what and even how much.

I'm not wanting much.  When I am home alone, I can easily get lost in a work and hours have gone by.  I realize I'm hungry when I start thinking about food.  At that time, I want something quick.  This is a good time of year for watermelon so I'm keeping that on hand, along with various other fresh fruits.  I am eating all of those carbs guilt free.  Some times it is a sandwich on my homemade sour dough bread, and sometimes leftovers from the night before.

Our evening meals are more traditional -  meat and a couple of vegetables, that I cook.  Soon, we'll have some fresh veggies from our garden to add.  Every now & then we'll have a snack after supper. Sometimes even ice cream!  It is normal in my mind.  It is what I imagine normal weight people do.  They don't obsess about food.  They eat when they need to and move on.

I don't know how to account for this change of mindset.  I actually used the word 'miracle' when discussing this change with  65MD.  I freely admit that I have prayed over this issue in my life for years.  Mostly praying for the right plan.  Now, I don't have a plan at all and the change is inside of me rather than outside.  (Does that make sense?)  I'm not trying to control anything with regard to food, no counting anything.  I perceive that my intake has dropped dramatically because I'm no longer worried about it.  I am able to go with the flow with regard to food and my mind is so much more peaceful.

Time will tell, I've still got a lot of weight to lose.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Unashamed Gushing

Be forewarned, this post is all about my nieces and how adorable they are!!

Yesterday my nephew, his wife and two little girls came over.  It was a blast.  My nephew and his wife are certainly enjoyable company but the girls are a scream.  They are 2 1/2 and 5 months.

The 5 month old thinks everything is funny.  She laughs out loud at the slightest provocation.  It is so much fun to make her laugh.  Then we laugh which makes her laugh even harder.  We have got to get that on video.  We could go viral with that.

The 2 1/2 year old loves life.  She is talking a blue streak and loves to help.  She had a great time running through the house (why walk when you can run!) relaying messages.  That was hilarious.  65MD would tell her to come tell me something, she would, and I would send a message back.  The funniest part was we could hear each other telling her what to say and then hearing her say it.

We decided to make pizza for supper so of course the 2 1/2 year old helped.  She took everyone napkins on at a time.  Then she delivered drinks.  She walked slowly and carefully for this task.  Everyone got glasses that were only 2/3 full to avoid any sloshing out issues.  She was so proud of herself for helping, her little chest was all puffed out and she was eager for the next task.

I let her sprinkle cheese on the pizza.  Her mom helped with this job because she kept putting the cheese in the same place.  She was very neat and careful with it though.  Her mom smoothed out the cheese and turned the pan to help spread the cheese evenly.

I told her that I was proud of her and that she was a good helper.  Then she looked up at her mom and said "Good job, Mommy!"  It was precious.  I told her mom later that she was a good parent.  Obviously her little girl had heard those words and knew to repeat them.  

Her mom told me that she does really like telling people that they are doing a good job.  She found her Daddy in the bathroom doing what men do, when they sit down and loudly announced that he was doing a good job!!

I am still laughing!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Walking in Philly

65MD's conference was at the convention center near the historic part of town - the Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall, Betsy Ross House, etc.  All within about a mile from our hotel.  Just about two blocks was a place called Terminal Market.  It was like a giant food court with a few novelty shops thrown in.

As we planned our trip, we thought I would be able to stroll around the market area while 65MD was attending the conference and explore the tourist areas in the evenings.  We were wrong.  The market was crowded and after I looked in the two or three non food areas, I was ready to get out of there.  And the tourist areas closed at 6:00.  65MD hardly got back to our room before 6:00.  Suffice to say not much of our trip went as planned.

I took my cane because I hadn't really challenged myself much on endurance or distance.  At the airport here, I was treated with much deference.  People offered to get up and give me their seats.  I was automatically given a pre-board pass for the plane.  It was unexpected but nice to know that people are aware and kind to folks with canes.  At least here...

In Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, I had my cane kicked out from under me so many times, I lost count.  I was shoved and pushed past so much that I quit going out alone for fear I'd fall.  (It was OK, I had work to do, which I can do virtually anywhere I have my laptop.)

One evening we decided to walk to a sandwich shop and get cheese-steaks.  We had both seen an advertisement for a meal at this place that was at a very good price.  The distance was farther than I'd walked before but I was up for the challenge.  We set out at a nice steady pace.  When we got to the building, I was at my limit.  I didn't think I could walk another step.  But, I felt confident that once we'd eaten and relaxed for a bit I could make it back to our hotel.

As we approached the door though, something didn't look right.  All of the signage was there, but the place had a barren look to it.  That was because it was closed.  Not as in closed for the night, but no longer in operation.  When we got close enough we could see that there was nothing at all inside! (We continued to have similar experiences throughout the trip, even with websites. We would look something up and the url didn't even exist!)

We were left with the decision of turning back and stopping at a place that looked good.  (My choice.) Or forge ahead to another cheese-steak place a few more blocks down the road.  (65MD's choice.)  We compromised.  I waited on a bench outside of the closed place while 65MD walked the few blocks to see just how far it was.  I need to add at this point, it was hard walking because the sidewalks were cracked and uneven.  Bumpy, sloped, and uneven surfaces are very hard on both hips right now.

65MD came back saying it was just about 3 blocks further, and since I had rested, I went on without complaint.  Once there we saw a group of 65MD's colleagues which was fun.  The food was quite good and the servings were generous.

After eating and enjoying some laughs with us, the colleagues decided it was time to get ice cream.  65MD and I opted out.  (I know, I can't believe it either!)  We decided to go back to our hotel.  I wanted to walk.  65MD wanted to get a cab.  This time I won.  It took a long time because about half way there, I was hurting so bad I was barely shuffling along.  (think Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett show) 

65MD kept renewing his offer for the cab, but I wouldn't hear of it.  I had decided I was going to walk if it took me the rest of the night.  I told 65MD he could go ahead of me, but of course, he wasn't going to leave me alone in that condition.  I don't really know how long it took.  Neither one of us noticed the time when we left.  When we got back to the room, all I wanted to do was lay on the bed.  (if our room had a tub, I might have wanted a hot soak) 65MD looked up how far we had walked.  Round trip it was 2.2 miles.

Right then, I decided I needed a new plan for getting in shape.  I am too young to be crippled by a two mile walk.  It is hot outside right now, but that is no excuse.  I have started a walking plan.  Sadly, right now, the plan is walking up and down my driveway.  It is concrete and so it is smooth.  I am going to do that until I am able to do it easily.  Then, I'll move on to walking to the end of the street, then down another block, etc.

I'm also going to get serious about going to a pool.  I didn't do much research after our beach trip since this one was on the horizon.  We don't have any more trips planned, so I have no more excuses.  Time to get in shape!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What is the Truth?

I have been working on being kinder to myself, particularly when it comes to negative thoughts about myself.  I've gotten pretty good at identifying and stopping them.   Now it is time to move on to turning those negative thoughts in to positive ones.

I had not realized how many times I called myself an idiot during the day until I started paying attention to it.  I'd do something most people to like mislay the keys and tell myself that I was a moron the whole time I was looking for them.  I would never do that to someone I love, so why do it to me?

I can most of the time recognize the name calling and tell myself it isn't true.  Now, I need to fill the ugly name with a positive name.  However, I am not at all comfortable with that.  I'm not talking about calling myself a genius or anything outrageous, just telling myself that I am intelligent and need to find a place to put my keys when I come inside.

I don't want to become arrogant or prideful.  I'm having a hard time finding that middle ground.  I am still trying to put something that happened last week into the proper context. 

65MD had a conference in Philadelphia last week.  Business Deans from all of the world, literally, were in attendance.  One evening,  we were able to attend a client appreciation event aboard a yacht.   The yacht was chartered so everyone aboard with the conference.

It was a perfect evening for cruising.  It was a casual dress event.  I wore a sundress with spaghetti straps and an elastic bodice.  It was a bright green & yellow tie dye sort of print with tropical flowers painted around the bottom.  It was floor length.  It was cute, but wasn't all that.  It was a 'one size fits most' number from WalGreen's!!

At one point early in the evening, 65MD and I had become separated.  I was approached by a nice looking young Dean, who struck up a conversation.  I chatted with him a bit before I realized that he was hitting on me!  I was shocked, mostly because I've been married so long, it doesn't occur to me that someone might want to hit on me.  Once I realized what was going on, I mentioned my husband when it fit into the conversation.  He lost interest quickly and moved on.  

During the evening I got several compliments on the dress, both in front of 65MD and when I was alone.  It was very appropriate for the occasion but not something from Neiman Marcus!    

Once we were back in our hotel and discussing what a lovely evening we had, I recounted the number of compliments I received and told 65MD. "You academics are easy to impress!"  I said it in jest and then immediately realized I was giving myself and my husband a negative message.

I haven't quite figured out how to reframe that.  I could say I looked nice and that would be true up to a point.  I feel like I really don't ever look good enough to be hit on.  Then that makes it seem like 65MD isn't very smart.

What is the truth here?  I don't know.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Wonderful Weekend

I had one of the best weekends of my life!!  

We left at 6:00 am Friday morning for an 8 hour drive to Raleigh.  We arrived at my sister's (YS) house 11 hours later.  

We knew it would take longer than 8 hours,  because we had to stop to put drops in my mom's eyes, take potty breaks and eat.  I was all for snacking in the car and pushing through.  My sister, the nurse (OS), had other ideas.  She, very wisely, kept a close eye on my mother, and stopped a few times just to walk since my mother's feet and ankles were swelling.  (There was no drama, just precaution.)

We hit Raleigh right at 5:00 pm and it took another hour to get to YS's house because of rush hour.  Granted, it wasn't like driving through Atlanta at 5:00 on a Friday but it was enough for us!  I had YS on the phone and the GPS in my hand navigating OS through the traffic.  There was no way around the situation.  We just had to wade through.  We did and it was so worth it.

We spent most of the evening discussing home renovations.  YS is in the midst of a kitchen remodel.  The appliances are installed and functioning but the cabinetry and trim work is still being done.  As a result, she has boxes of food all over the place.  

In the morning, we went to the little league game, for which we made the trip.  My nephew (N5) is confined to a wheelchair.  This league, called the Miracle League, is for special needs children.  There were only two players with wheelchairs.  One on crutches, and the rest were mobile but had other limitations that kept them from participating in other team sports.

I was totally blown away by the dedication of the volunteers that organize and play with these kids!  Each game is two innings.  Every player bats.  There are no outs.  Each player has buddy.  (N5's is his dad.)  The buddy helps to bat and navigate the bases.  Once each player has batted & most of the time made a home run, the inning is over.  

The outfielders, make a big production of appearing to field the ball, but just can't quite ever make the out.  It was almost like a ballet how they would reach to catch the ball and then 'accidentally' bat it away.  Honestly, I'd find myself watching them as much as the base runner.

The games are announced by a wonderful announcer.  He watched the game and spun it as if we were in a major league ball game.  The crowd was totally into the game.  Lots and lots of clapping and yells of support.

I cannot say enough good things about this organization.  It was a wonderful experience and worth every minute of the drive out there and back.  But that wasn't the totality of the weekend.

My niece's birthday was Monday and we tried to work it out to stay to celebrate with her, but could not.  Instead OS and I took her shopping.  We got her several new outfits for her birthday and then got mani/pedis.  I was impressed with the maturity my niece displayed in selecting the clothes she wanted and keeping up a conversation.  It was like talking to any adult, not filled with teen slang, and giggles or various teen angst.  She, and both her brothers, are incredibly pleasant company.

We ended our time there attending church together and my brother-in-law delivered the message.  It just capped off the weekend perfectly.  We hated to leave.

The drive back only took 9 hours.  We attributed it to going downhill more on the way home!!!

While I was gone, 65MD got about half way through with the backer-board.  Maybe we can start a competition with my sister to see which renovation is completed first.  Maybe that will spur us both on to action.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Health Updates

Since I've mentioned my own health issue along with my mother & husband, I thought I'd do a short update on each of us.

MOM - Fine.  Like nothing ever happened to her.  She has a shield to wear over her eye at night and can't drive or bend over until the next follow up on Tuesday.  Those are the only indications that something happened.

65MD - On the mend.  He's able to go to the office each day and do a few things around the house.  He is not ready to work on the floor though.

ME - Mostly good.  I think I've found a routine and medication regime that allow me to function most of the time with just minimal pain. I'm still thinking that I can delay surgery until January.

I'm leaving early Friday morning to go to see my youngest nephew play in his final little league game of the year.  My local sister is driving me and my mother.  I am looking forward to seeing this sweet boy 'play' ball.  He uses a wheelchair and is non-verbal.  I am told by his parents that he loves it.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Bedroom Progress NONE!

On Friday afternoon we borrowed my mother's Rav4 so that we could get all of the flooring materials inside a vehicle and home safely.  At the store, we were directed to the flooring expert who told use exactly what we needed and how much for the square footage.  We left the store armed with everything required to prep for laying tile. 65MD fully expected to start putting tile down this weekend.

Saturday morning he got up and put some quick drying leveling compound on the area where the addition and original house meet.  There were three types of materials in about a 6 inch space right in the middle of the room.  As a heavy traffic space, it really needed to be  level or the tile would crack.  65MD did a fine job of smoothing the compound and the area looked great.  He did some other chores while it dried. This would be great.  He had a plan to work in blocks of time and rest in between so as not to get too sore.  We had a busy week ahead.

After about 30 minutes the stuff was still wet.  The edges had begun to dry but that was it.  I offered to get out the hairdryer, but he decided to put a fan on it. He made some initial cuts in the first underlayment board.  It was ready to put in place just as soon as the area was dry.  After all, it was rainy and humid.  We should expect it to take longer to dry.  It did.  Sunday morning it was still too damp to lay the boards.  We were headed to church anyway.  When we got home, he could start.

As we were eating lunch, 65MD developed some stuffiness in his sinuses and began to cough.  We attributed it to the additional dust in the house.  He took an allergy pill and decided to watch TV for a bit in the recliner while it kicked in.  It was a stormy afternoon, perfect napping weather, so I did.

When I got up, it was obvious to me that 65MD was sick.  Poor man, I did what I could to make him comfortable and insisted that he not give the floor project another thought.  He didn't.

He has an important meeting this morning that he didn't want to reschedule.  He's there right now.  (He doesn't have a fever, so it isn't contagious.) I'll be headed over to my mother's soon because she is having a cataract removed this morning.  I'll be spending the night.  65MD thought he'd really make progress while I was away.  Now, he'll probably catch up on sitting in the recliner watching TV with his eyes closed.  He'll be fine alone for about 24 hours.  My mother's house is just a couple of miles away if something comes up.

We're both hoping this little bug is a short one, because no one ever wants to be sick.  I'll be going to Raleigh this weekend, and I really don't want to go that far while he's so bad.  Even though I didn't give him a goal to reach while I'm away, he did.  I'm OK with him not reaching that goal, but I know he'd like to be able to make progress.

I'll do a quick edit to this post once my mother is out of surgery, to let everyone know that she is OK.  I appreciate your concern.

EDIT-At my mother's house watching her sleep of the meds.  The surgery went well.  We have medicine for a week along with a few other precautions.  We have a follow up tomorrow.