Total Weight Loss

Friday, May 2, 2014

Three Pounds Down :) or :(

Between April 1 and May 1 my net weight loss was 3 pounds.  I say 'net' because it was not a straight line down.  There were blips up and down but on May 1, my weight was the lowest it had been all month. So, at least, the net effect was down.

Initially, when I saw that, I was disappointed.  Three pounds is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the total I want to lose.  Three pounds does not even get me down to my January weight when the family challenge started.  

As much as I tried to stop the negative self talk with thoughts as to how three pounds lost was better than three pounds gained, I was discouraged.  Then I did the math, how long would it take me to get to goal weight if I lost only three pounds each month.  It wasn't hard.  My goal weight is about 75 pounds from where I am now meaing 25 months.  

Again, discouraging , until I realized I've been fighting this battle hard for 5 years.  What's two more?  The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of slowly, steadily losing 3 pounds per month over the next two years.  There would be no more radical, quick weight loss schemes.  No more upset to my lifestyle (and more so 65MD who has been more than gracious.)  No more bizarre recipes/grocery items.  No more insane workouts sending me to the doctor.  (It happened!) I could easily live with cutting portions down and trimming the treats to actual special occasions. I could move more and sit less without keeping score all the time.

April was a strange month for me, with travel and some minor health issues, requiring several doctor visits.  I just could not focus on counting anything - carbs, calories, fat.  I couldn't even keep the carbs & fat separate as THM suggests.  My meals were sort of old school.  Breakfast was most often a fruit, lunch was a sandwich or salad and supper was 'meat, green and starch' as my grandmother used to say.  She never had a weight problem.

Now, I am pretty darn proud of losing three pounds during April.  Three pounds lost is definitely :). My goal for May - three more pounds gone. I can do that.