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Monday, September 21, 2015

Wonderful Weekend

Saturday was the first Saturday in a long time in which 65MD and I had nothing scheduled.  No place to be, no one coming to our house, we weren't going to any one's, no demands, no deadlines, no nothing.  And we were glad.

We decided that we would truly make it a day of no demands.  We would do what we wanted when we wanted for as long as we wanted.  We have the perpetual household chores like everyone else.  There is always something to be washed, swept, dusted, mown, etc.  We opted to ignore those things, guilt free, for the day. 

We slept in.  We read, We sat on the front porch.  We sat in the back yard.  We spoke to the neighbors.  We checked football scores and watched a game.

We did three loads of laundry - wash, dried & put away.  We (not me) mowed the grass.  We swept.  Somehow with the pressure off, it wasn't a big deal to throw in a load of clothes.  They could wash while I read.  Since there was no pressure to get to the next item on my list, I took the time to pretreat the collars and cuffs of 65MD's dress shirts. 

I finished a book, I'd been trying to finish for a long time.  That even gave me a sense of accomplishment.

When we went to bed, we were relaxed and happy.  We weren't concerned about what didn't get crossed of the list.  We were extra happy for the few bonus items that were done.  It felt good.

I think I see a few more unscheduled Saturdays in our future!


  1. We had one of those too! Love those kinds of weekends.

  2. The unbusy weekend finally came!!! Glad it was a stress free event for you with plenty of lounging but some things getting accomplished, too!

  3. That's awesome and what a reminder to us that we are sometimes our worst enemies with our lists and plans!