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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Ate Radishes

I hate most vegetables.  I probably hate vegetables more than I hate exercise.  Any idea why I got fat? 

There are only two vegetables that I really like and they are corn & potatoes - not the best choices.  I'll eat:
  • green beans (especially if they've been cooked with bacon grease)
  • broccoli (best if served with plenty of cheese melted over it)
  • cucumbers  (if they've been soaked in vinegar & dill long enough to be called pickles)
I'll also eat leaf lettuce and zucchini, but both things have very little taste to me.  I'd much rather have a big old hunk of red meat, or white bread or anything with sugar, butter, flour & eggs, if you get my drift!!  Again, see any reason for a weight problem here?

I know, however that if I am ever going to lose weight permanently, I'm going to have to make peace with them.  I've gained strength through one of my blog mentors who goes to the local farmers' market and loads up on fruits and vegetables every week.  She posts how she liked them or not and how she prepared them.  Recently, I read one of her posts about radishes.  She had them cooked along side an omelet.  She said they were better than home fries and she was going to use them as a substitute from now on.  Since potatoes are one of my favorites, I decided to give it a go.

I got a small bag of radishes at the store.  They were something like $0.69 so it wasn't a large financial risk.  I prepared them according to her instructions.  I sliced them thin, and sauteed them in a little olive oil with salt & pepper.  I put a little of the drippings from the meat I was cooking just to give it a little more of an edge in winning over my taste buds.  I was all ready for the yumm-o home fry taste.  I'd even convinced John to try them. 

Let's just say they aren't making it up there with corn & potatoes, and in my book nothing like home fries.  I found the smell little off putting.  They smelled a little like turnips to me.  Really, they had no taste to me.  I figure what's the point.  I get to eat so little that I really, really want it to be satisfying not just filling.  Part of that is the flavor satisfaction.  John said they tasted like cabbage to him.  Between the two of us, we didn't even get the whole serving down. 

I've committed to try or re-try one new veggie each week.  The radishes were on Saturday.  On Sunday, I let them leave the tomatoes in my fajitas at the restaurant.  I thought that with the peppers & onions which I don't hate, and the beef which I love dearly, the tomato taste would get lost and I could sneak them in.  Yet another fallacy on my part.  I ate them only because they were too hard to pick out.  They gave the dish a tartness I didn't care for. 

I really want to like tomatoes.  I've seen too many people enjoy them and rave about how there is nothing better than a fresh tomato from the garden.  As a child I really tried to like them.  I was the only one in my family that didn't.  I don't much like anything that is too tomato based like spaghetti.  Even with pizza, I'll press down on the toppings so the sauce squirts out the sides.  But...I have agreed to try one fresh from the garden this summer.  We'll see if I can get past the slimy tartness this time...wish me luck!!

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