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Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Little Documentation

I thought I'd post a few of those photographs that I discussed in my last post.
This my senior year of high school.  I was a flag girl in the band.  This is one of the few shots where my body can be seen. Maybe less than ideal, but not nearly the fatty I thought.

This is my senior picture, taken the summer before my senior year.  The same summer my mother took me to the doctor for diet pills.

This is my junior year in college.  She that double chin!?!? No wonder I couldn't get a date.

This is my mid to late 20's.  I had lost down to 134 at my lowest.  I had regained some in this shot.  I still thought I was fat because I didn't weigh below 120 like the weight charts said I should.  I see collar bones.  I don't know what I would have looked like twenty pounds lighter.  BTW, this was the era of big hair, but my hair is not quite that big.  There is a shadow making my hair look bigger.



  1. You know...I read this blog and a few conversations and events whizzed into my mind. times when the doctor (yay) actually told me that the bmi chart is not perfect for everyone (myself included), family members that were kind enough to tell me to stop losing weight even through I was still 20 pounds from that elusive bmi weight.....and my current boyfriend that so kindly and gently said 'Maryfran, don't try to lose too much weight, you are solid muscle and you would kill yourself if you tried to go too low'. It's body type and the number on the scales are just that....numbers. You looked fabulous in all of the pictures!!!!

  2. I didn't look at a single one of those and think "fatty." Not one. We are so mean to ourselves. The BMI chart has never worked for me, and I'm fine with that. However, I'm not fine with how far out of range I am now! But still, the BMI chart is pushed far too much, in my opinion!

  3. Sigh. All I see is beauty. But I totally know where you are coming from. I did the same thing to myself.

  4. Oh look at you, you hunk-a-spunk! It's funny, you know, you look like a girl in my high school that was SUPER popular with the boys. I was always so jealous of her. And I look at girls today, that were my size in high school and they are super confident and wonder if most of it is just inside our heads (our own insecurities and lack of confidence).