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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Moving Right Along

The first week back from vacation seems to go by so quickly and the vacation seems so long ago. Still, I've had a good week.  I have met my goal of averaging 5000 steps per day.  I've actually exceeded it, so last night I began to wonder if I'd set the bar too low.  I tried to account for weather delays and one rest day per week when I set the goal.  I haven't had those yet.  (It rained yesterday but I went to the grocery store and got in plenty of steps!)  Sunday is generally my day to relax, which also hasn't come yet.  Plus, we have an out of town wedding on Saturday.  I'll be in the car for 3+ hours round trip.  I decided to leave my goal is is.

Then I woke up this morning sore in both my hips.  Generally, they take turns.  This time, they decided to work as a team and ache.  It is nothing like pre-op.  It is more of a reminder that I've increased their usage lately, confirming that perhaps the goal is indeed acceptable.  It is almost 3:30 as I type this and I'm only at 3600 steps.  That is with a trip to the church building to walk for 20 minutes.  I am not pushing it.  This is the very reason I set my goal as an average of 5000 steps per day rather than walking 5000 steps every day.

My eating has been quite good.  65MD worked from home until today.  We were able to have our big meal midday which my body loves.  I've already lost all of my vacation gain.  I'm ready to get into new territory finally.  (Well, not really new, but numbers I haven't seen in a while ;) )  

His working from home has allowed some working AT home too.  The grout is finally finished!  Only my long term readers will understand the significance of that!  We're hoping to get the sealer down tomorrow. If it weren't for the out of town wedding we just might be planning to get the moulding installed and furniture moved.  I'm fine with taking it one small step at a time.  Yahoo for grout!  Hopefully, I'll be cheering for the sealant being down in my next post.  The floor is looking gorgeous and well worth the wait.  Perhaps, I can say the same thing about me in time!!!

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