Total Weight Loss

Friday, June 3, 2016

Slow Start far I have yet to hit my goal of 6000 steps.  I know it is an average, but I won't get an average if I fall below every day.  Sigh.

Wednesday, I had plans to go to the grocery store so I didn't plan a walk.  I get plenty of steps in at the store.  Unfortunately, I didn't go to the store and I didn't even get 5000 step in!!

Yesterday, I didn't go for a walk either.  I did make it to the grocery store and got over 5000 steps.

Neither day went as planned, which is what I was alluding to in my post where I set the goal initially.

Life just happens and this summer the key word is going to have to be 'flexible'.  It is going to be a great summer.  65MD is going to be able to work from home most days.  I love it.  I'm sure we'll push some of those long awaited home improvement projects forward and maybe even finish the bedroom floor!!!!

That just means I am going to have to be much more mindful and deliberate in my actions to reach my goals.

I haven't been bra shopping other than browsing Amazon.  I will collect my reward soon.


  1. I get my bras from bare necessities. They have sales fairly regularly.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I will check it out. I need to measure and figure out my size.