Total Weight Loss

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Week

I knew this week was going to be a challenge and I was right.  At work, I started training my replacement.  She's sharp and learning quickly, which is great.  It isn't so great, however, that I can't stroll through the office on my restroom breaks.  Poor woman, would just be sitting there twiddling her thumbs.  Sadly, I lost quite a few steps that way.  Even though it was expected, it was not good.

Then our triple digit, record breaking heat continued.  There is no end in sight.  Even early morning walks leave me drenched in sweat and I am not prone to that.  If I sweat, HOT doesn't even begin to describe the temperature.  I walked some in the evenings, but not like I was able to just a few weeks ago due to the oppressive and even dangerous heat.  Once again I lost steps.

I adjusted my expectations for the week and my goal was to break the 500 mile mark since the year is about half over.  I've done that!!  I'll give a full report on Monday, probably late in the day Monday.

I'm still here, still walking and doing my best to not eat carbs.  I admit it still happens, but I'm making progress in the right direction.  I expect next week to be much like this week, chained to the desk training, and stuck inside during the prime walking days.  

But the end is in sight as far as the working days are concerned.  I have a good plan for getting in my steps once I start working from home.  (Besides, I won't matter if I'm sweaty & stinky, the dog won't care!)  Between now and then I'll just do the best I can.  Don't worry if I'm silent.  I'm still here.  :)


  1. Been thinking about you knowing you were in the midst of training. A mixed blessing...excitement at the changes coming up for you, yet tempered with the responsibility of leaving your work in capable hands! Good luck!

  2. congrats on making 500, that's super! just do what you can , you'll be able to really kill it soon! xoxoxo

  3. Keep that end in sight! I think you,ve got a great attitude. Do what you can to reach your goals. Congrats on your mileage. I've changed my approach and am just counting mileage measured on my bikerides or on my runs. Daily steps are extra. i started counting it on the Daily Mile widget in my sidebar in April. i'm just about to 500. Feeling sanguine about easily meeting my goal. Stay cool. Our heatwave is breaking tomorrow-- in the 80s all week long next week!