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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monday Mileage, a Little Early & Today I Weigh

It is Sunday evening and I have 487 miles so far this year. I walked 65,626 steps this week, shattering my goal of 60,000!!
I'm blogging early because my number two trainee starts tomorrow and I'm just not sure how much time I'll get to blog or walk.  This lady is taking over the bulk of my day to day activities so we'll be inseparable for a few weeks, I expect.  Between being considerate of her time and the triple digit heat, I don't expect a lot of myself this week.  My goal is to get past the 500 mile mark as this is the halfway point for the year.
This morning the scales read 189.8. YIKES!  Not really, I know what happened.  I ate waffles yesterday.  65MD made them for us as a gesture of thanks for all we went through last week.  Waffles are a part of our history so it was an extra special treat, that I was not about to turn down.  I was spot on with my eating for the rest of the day.  That is huge because before, I would have looked for indulgences the rest of the day or even weekend.  I had a good eating day today as well, so I expect to be down a tad in the morning.
As soon as I eat the rest of the fresh fruit and corn I have on hand, I'm going to go on a carb-fast for 14 days, similar to the Atkins induction plan.  I think I'll start by the 5th at the latest.  After the 14 days I'll decide what, if any carbs to add back.  It will be a slow, slow return to carbs.  I hope to find the sweet spot soon and get the scales headed back down where they belong.  One pound at a time is my new mantra.  One pound a week is totally fine with me.  As long as the scales keep going down, that is all that matters.  It isn't a race to the finish line.  It doesn't matter how quickly I get there.  It just matters that I get there.  And I will.


  1. one pound at a time that's my mantra, my mascot is a richard simmons remember angel named one pound at a time. i'm doin an actual fast right now then i'm gonna do a fat fast and hard into atkins induction. i also cut beef out of my diet and i'm forsaking conveience foods and processed products. i had to stop playing at this it's been years time to DO it! i'll definately be doin the atkins with you and cheerleading as always!

  2. Hi, Really I proud of you because you follow your exercise properly. Because Some people do not do it at this age. Have a nice day.

  3. Wow you are going great!! So fun to beat personal records!! Keep up the great work!!

    Stay focused!!

  4. Waffles, they haunted me recently too. Even burned my arm on the waffle maker. Waffles may just need to be forgotten for a long time by me.

    Yep... just as long as you get there!


  5. Congratulations on that mileage - that is amazing! I'm not a waffle fan but I make sure to stay away from cinnamon rolls. Those things are dangerous!

  6. Not sure how I missed this post! I need to check my blog list. ???? Life is life. Good for you for continuing on after one simple indulgence. Good luck with the carb fast! I am just a spiraling mess right now. :/ Not sure what is going on. Update as you can!