Total Weight Loss

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Mileage

During the past seven days I walked a measly 34,516 steps, bringing my year to date mileage to 516 miles.  As I mentioned in my last post, it was not a good week for walking.  This week will be better.  Other than tomorrow, I'll be able to set my schedule as I please and walk around the office whenever I want!  I am going to make the very best of the week ahead and maybe even lose another pound or two.

I'll be here two more days next week.  Then I'll take a quick trip to see my sister and her family.  When I get back, there will be no more excuses I'll have about three weeks before all the back to school stuff starts happening with 65MD so I'm really going to hit it hard.  Chug the water, watch the carbs, and walk, walk, walk!


  1. you're gonna have a fantastic week and walk away those pounds!

  2. Those first weeks you are off I wish for you WONDERFUL cool weather that'll keep you outside loving every minute. Aren't you just excited beyond words???

  3. Ok I am grabbing some water as I type, and walk; I have skills :)


  4. You can so do it! Keep up the great work and stay focused!!

  5. Hey Lori, Where are You? I am very worried! I believe this is the longest you've ever gone without posting something. I know you were headed out of town, but didn't expect your silence to be this long! Sharon