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Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Mileage

I crossed over the 900 mile mark this weekend.  As of the end of the day yesterday I have 901 miles.  I knew when I took on this challenge it would indeed be a challenge.  I felt like I'd get 900 miles in at a minimum, I thought it would be more like 950+.  I've still got a couple of weeks and I'll still keep up with my steps, but I'm not going to beat myself up over not making the full 1000 miles.  If I were in school and got 900 out of 1000, I'd get an "A" so I'm giving myself one for this challenge and the rest of the mileage for the year is extra credit.

My weight has hovered between 207 and 208 since December 1.  We splurged and went out for Mexican food yesterday and this morning my weight is 210.4!  YIKES!  It has to be water retention from the chips & salsa.  I'll be diligent about the water today and it will drop back down.

My life is still revolving around doctor's appointments and medication management.  I'm feeling a little frustrated because I'd just gotten a taste of freedom from schedules and now I'm right back in it.  We have to have schedules to function in life, so I'll just have to deal with it.  My mother is getting stronger and healthier everyday, for which I am extremely grateful.

And on another note entirely, I have a new niece.  She was born last night about 9:30 and I am thrilled for the new little one.  She is my older sister's first grandchild.

There are a lot of emotions rambling around in my head, from utter disbelief and sorrow for those left behind in Connecticut, to the absolute delight with the new life in my family, from frustration and anger over my mother's health, and my weight, to the excitement of family from near & far gathering for the holidays, my head is swirling.  I'm trying to focus on the happy aspects and deal with the unhappy without getting bogged down in it.


  1. CONGRATS ARE IN ORDER!!!! 900+ miles, Lori! Way to go! You are awesome! I think lots of us are dealing in different ways about all that has transpired recently and all that is still "fine" in our worlds. :(

  2. Lori, you are doing a great job juggling all the things in your life right now. Great news on the new niece and your mom getting stronger.

  3. that's an amazing feat to cross the 900 mile mark and congrats on the new neice! i'm not on too often right now "life" is just far too busy for the make believe cycber-life! lolol have a beautiful blessedholiday! xoxoxoxo

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