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Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday Mileage and Merry Christmas

As of last night I have 913 miles towards the goal of 1000. Counting today,I have 8 days to walk 87 miles.  Don't think that's happening.  My goal now is 16 more miles.  That is manageable considering the various gatherings I have between now and the end of the year.

I had a bit of a panic last week about my year end mileage when I lost my pedometer briefly.  On Thursday, I had a free and open day stretching before me.  I had no appointments of any type.  No where to be at any certain time.  It was glorious.  I needed to go by the bank, and post office and then finish shopping.  I got that done in short order and came back home.  We have some winter lettuce in the garden that I wanted for supper so I rushed out to gather that in the cold and wind.  I came in and started doing some indoor chores and noticed at some point that my pedometer was not on my waistband.

The last time I knew that I had it for sure was when I dressed in the morning.  It was well into the afternoon when I noticed it was missing.  I knew I had a lot of steps because I'm good at taking the long way around at home and parking in the far slot at the store.  I was bummed and began to think through a fair way of estimating my steps.  I just knew my pedometer was in the store, or worse the store parking lot.  But before total freak out set in, I retraced my steps in the house.  Not there.  I went outside into the cold & drizzle, knowing it would not be out there either.  After all, wouldn't I have heard it when it fell, wherever it fell?  There is a lot of noise in the store and parking lot so I could have missed the clatter as it fell.  Much to my surprise, the pedometer was right at the edge of our little garden spot on a bed of leaves.

Apparently, the bending & twisting cutting the lettuce worked it loose.  It fell on the leaves, so it did not make a loud noise as it would have if it had fallen off in the kitchen.  I was quite relieved.  It had been a couple of hours since I'd been outside, but I didn't miss the majority of my steps for the day.  And, I was saved from having to buy another pedometer or trying to come up with a fair average steps for the rest of the year.

On another note entirely, my hip is much better but not where I want it to be as far as range of motion is concerned.  I've got a regimen of exercises and stretches to do twice a day.  They're not hard or time consuming.  Since they are so 'easy' I often think I can do that later and later doesn't come more than I care to admit.  It is simple enough to do this routine in the morning time when I had been doing P90X.  I need to actually schedule an afternoon time.  It will happen, I'm sure, once I get back into my new normal routine.  For now, P90X will have to remain a goal for another time.

I probably won't be back except for maybe a quick hello before the first of the year.  Family will begin gathering tomorrow and we'll be together until January 1.  I will relish every second of it!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas, Lori!
    Isn't it funny the things that induce panic when we don't have them? I know exactly what you're talking about. Cheers to you - and a happy new year!

  2. Whether you make 1000 miles or not, you have had a victorious year as I read it....

    Happy Holidays!

  3. bright blessings darlin, one of these days a pedomoter will happen. they just look so confusing to me lol

  4. great blog.....awesome job on all the weight loss