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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Comment Spam

Nothing to say about weight loss just yet.  It is a little too early yet.  Instead, enjoy the humor of some of my 'comments' lately.

I've been getting a lot of spam comments again.  I mean like 8 or 9 several times a day.  Most of the time, I don't even look at them.  I recognize them right away and mark them as spam.  Today, I decided to share a few.  No sense in me having all of the fun alone.
"Write more, that is all I have to say.  Literally, it seems like you relied on video to make your point.  You obviously know what you are talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your site when you could be giving us something enlightening to read.  My website...
What????  Has anyone seen a video on my site at all?  I hardly even post pictures.  (I do feel a little bad about that when I see so many well done blogs with pictures.  But that is another discussion.)  At least the grammar is OK.

How about this little gem:
"Thank you for the good writeup.  If truth be told was once a leisure account it.  Look advanced to far introduced agreeable from you!  By the way...
Um, I don't understand that at all.  Most are more like the later rather than the former.  Apparently written with the aid of a translator.  From my limited knowledge of how to explore these things, they are coming from South Africa.  I don't know what it is about my blog that is attracting this kind of traffic.  I know it is not that compelling.

I'm not about to be a free source of advertisement for these folks.  I've not clicked on any of the links to the websites mentioned at the end of each 'comment' for fear of what is really there.  So, I laugh at them and move on.

I did upgrade my security and change my password since  they'd suddenly become so prolific.  It seemed the prudent thing to do.



  1. here's another one.............SPAM is good fried! lololol

    1. Timothy,
      You are too funny! My daddy used to eat fried spam. It grossed me out then and still does now even thinking about it. Gross!!!

  2. This has always been so odd to me as I rarely receive SPAM and when I do, Blogger automatically send it to my SPAM file. Do you have your settings so that anyone can leave a comment? I was once told that setting shouldn't be used as it's what brought on the SPAM. Set to "registered users" and anyone can still leave a comment, but they've had to go through a couple of extra screens. They don't have to have a blog and they don't have to be using Blogger. Just a thought!! I personally have enjoyed all those videos you've posted on your blog. LOL!!

    1. Sharon,
      Blogger catches most of the spam comments already, but lately, I've noticed so many more. I've heard that the spammers change their settings often so as not to get caught by the spam filters.

      I changed the setting that you mentioned. That should help as well. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I've had a few before. I was really feeling super special with all the compliments upon reading the opening line. Then I was pulled back down when I realized it was spam and general fluff that they post to everyone they spam. LOL Crazy! I mean, like anyone ACTUALLY sees those and thinks "ohhhhhh, I'd better click on that!" Lol

  4. Hey Lori!!!

    How are you? I hope well!!! I just got back to my blog and I had 30 of these...Most of them did not make sense!! Kind of frustrating!

    Just checking in. I hope to catch up with you soon!!

    Take care!!