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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama Review #2

65MD and I got right back on plan full force yesterday with a full day of S meals.  He had mentioned that he was wanting burgers and fries Sunday night so I asked if he was willing to THM the meal by making Basic Sandwich Buns, and Zucchini Fries.  He was.  Yesterday was a wonderful spring like day in our part of the world, so we decided to grill the burgers.

The Buns

We used our typical condiments (all THM approved) on our burgers.  The buns were OK, but we agreed in the future we'd rather have our burgers and trimmings bunless.  The buns didn't add anything so special that we felt like we had to have them again.  We'll eat what I made, but I probably won't be making them again.

The 'fries' were a bust.  Again, we ate them.  They weren't so horrible that we couldn't eat them, but they weren't all that either.  We think we might try a batter for them next time that would be more like onion ring coating using almond flour.
I used my Pampered Chef crinkle cutter to add to the illusion!

Frying in coconut oil

The finished product.  It looks better than it tasted.
My dinner plate.  It was plenty.  

This morning I decided to finally give Muffin in a Mug a try.  (I didn't take a picture.  I've got to get in the habit of that.) I hadn't tried it before because I'm not too wild about the texture of microwaved foods and I'd much prefer to bake a pan of muffins for breakfast for a few days.  It was with some trepidation I tried this.  I wasn't too wild about the batter I licked from the fork. I was surprised how much it rose in the microwave and actually fell out of the mug as indicated.

The recipe also said that butter or Greek yogurt could be put on the warm muffin.  I slathered on the butter because I still was not expecting much.  Much to my surprise it was quite good.  It was like eating a piece of cake.  It would have been a little dry for my taste without the butter, but this one is a keeper for me.  65MD was already at work and didn't get to taste this one.

He's been a very good sport.  I told him he was free to pull the plug any time this got overwhelming for him.  He said that he was enjoying the adventure of it now but he might change his mind.  I think once we find a few recipes we enjoy and see some weight come off, we'll both be totally on board.


  1. Your buns look a bit darker than mine turn out. I agree that they aren't amazing, but I do really like them so I don't feel cheated when my family is eating a burger or BBQ sandwich. Lol Oh, and they make a good S sandwich for a change-up from Ezekiel E sandwiches, too. For my MIM, I found that I had to reduce cooking time by about 5-10 seconds. Some ppl also said they add a dollop of 0% plain Greek to their batter before cooking, too, and that helps. I like mine with some heavy cream, a small bit of pb, and some frozen raspberries. I also don't care much for zucchini fries, even with a batter I did for WW. Everyone on the fb page is talking about jicama fries, and that seems to be the newest craze. I guess I will try it eventually! :) You should try the Pizza Casserole in the book. It's not pizza, but we like it!

    1. I've been seeing those posts about jicama fries. I'll probably try them soon.

      I remember noting the pizza casserole since 65MD is such a pizza freak. I'm sure he'll like it.

  2. enjoying your food adventure and I shall admit to eating vicariously through you because I'm NOT a veggie person never have been! lol