Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Going, Going, Gone

65MD and I have been out of town.  We have a few more trips planned in the next couple of months so don't be alarmed by extended lapses in blogging.  I won't be gone long.

On this break, I took a good deal of time to contemplate not just my eating but also this blog.  I gave serious consideration to stopping.  Sometimes, I feel like when I've blogged, that is my weight loss effort for the day.  I know it is a twisted way of thinking.  But rather than run away from it and perhaps find another distraction, I decided to work through it.  For now, I'm here, just not as regularly as before.

With regard to my current eating plan, I'm doing what I am calling Trim Healthy Mama lite.  It is either low carb (S) or low fat (E) most of the time.  I can do that.  I can switch back & forth between fuel types as the book calls fats & carbs without having to follow strict guidelines.  I have learned that my inner 3 year old rebels against any sort of restriction.

The minute something becomes off limits (like bananas for THM), that is all I want.  So, I've told myself I can have a banana every now & then.  So far, I haven't eaten one.  Weird, I know.  Even though, I am technically allowing myself anything I want to eat, I'm not eating it.  I am eating much healthier and not obsessing over food every waking minute.

I'm also free wheeling when I eat.  THM advocates eating every 3 hours and sometimes I'm not ready to eat again that soon.  I'm not fasting or doing anything extreme.  I'm just trying to learn my body's natural cues for hunger.

So, I hope soon to come back with great news about how this is finally the answer for me and I am free from the burden of food/food plans/exercise charts/scales etc.  I will be glad to see all of those things going, going, gone for good!  


  1. glad you're feelin comfortable with your current plan and I'm sure it'll pay off for you! enjoy your trips and come "visit" us when you can! xoxo

  2. Sounds like you're learning you. Like you, I hated being told that I couldn't have something or couldn't something. I then immediately want it or want to do it!!!

    You can do it!!

  3. Sounds like a very decent plan. I sometimes need food at 3 hours, but I often wait at least 4 hours. Between lunch and supper, it is sometimes a bit more than that. I try not to stress it. You are allowed to have 1/2 banana a day on THM, but they say it probably won't advocate weight loss. BUT I found on the fb page that many people still have their half a day in an E setting and lose great. Again, if you can find what works for YOU, then who cares what other people cal rules??? :) I'm glad you're sticking around, but I completely understand how you feel about blogging.