Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Statistical Update

I have several fabulous and enlightening blog post rolling around in my head but alas the whirlwind called life has kept me from developing them fully.  Hopefully, I will be able to share my 'wisdom' before too much longer.  In the meantime, I feel compelled to share my results.  

I started Trim Healthy Mama on February 17, weighing 221.6.  Today I weigh, 221.6.  Alas!  My weight has not stayed exactly the same in 6 weeks.  It has gone up and down.  And I think if I stick with it, eventually my weight will go down.  I am still doing what I call THM-lite.  I try to keep my carbs and fats apart.  If I eat fat, then keep carbs low, if I eat carbs then keep fat low.  It is much more workable for me right now.  It is still my plan to try some of the recipes as time goes along.  I'll report back on how we liked them or not.

The reason I am not so frustrated is that I've lost a couple of inches through my belly & hips.  I noticed right away that my clothes were fitting differently.  They are a long way from too big or even loose.  They just aren't quite so snug.  I pulled out a top the other day thinking that the last time I had it on, it was just too tight.  I put it on anyway.  It was still tighter than I like my clothes, but I didn't feel like a stuffed sausage all day.  I have noticed that in too many of my clothes to think that my memory is faulty.  I'm looking forward to getting my warm weather clothes out and seeing how they fit.  I'm hoping to feel little differences there too.

I am really working hard to adjust my expectations.  I want slow steady progress, not dramatic slides down the scale that are impossible to maintain.  I think this plan is the right one for me.  Time will tell.


  1. Isn't it a great feeling when our clothes start fitting more loosely?

    I'm looking forward to reading the posts you have in your head.

  2. as long as you feel good and your body is responding (even if that DARN scale isn't) then I call it a success! and now I've something to look forward to (those fab posts!)

  3. LOL, stuffed sausage. Love it (the phrase, not the feeling... which I know all too well, ha). I think it's a great sign that your body has stayed level. Maybe it's starting to trust you!!!! :)