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Saturday, June 21, 2014

I Am at My Goal Weight!

I have been waiting to use that title for a post for 5 years.  Finally, I am, but for a different reason that I anticipated all those years ago.  I thought, at that time, I would use this title when I weighed 145 lbs.  I don't.  Not today.

My long time readers may recall that I have struggled since the beginning with goal setting.  If it is too easy, I'm not challenged and quit.  If it is too hard it seems impossible and I quit.  For a while I went without stated goals but that was not effective either.

This time, when I started yet again.  I was and still am unsure what my ultimate goal weight will be.  I'm leaving it vague on purpose because the cause of my regain is largely based on the feeling of failure from not reaching that specific number as quickly as I thought I should.

As I contemplated what I needed to change this time to make myself successful over the long term, I considered giving myself little rewards along the way.  Things that would be easy and inexpensive but still special, like a manicure or pedicure.  Maybe even both, at a big milestone.  I never did sit down with pen in hand to list out the rewards or the milestones to match.  I felt like getting the weight off was an emergency as I noted in an earlier post.

Still I had a notion of some milestone weights:
*212.8 below my lowest weight this year 
*199.8 because it is under 200
*175.0 because the 170's are where I no longer feel fat and my clothes feel more comfortable
*165.0 my doctor's goal weight for me

I need another one between 199.8 an 175.  That is a lot of weight to lose without getting discouraged.  But I'm not going to fret over it. I haven't decided if I'll push for 145 or stay at 165.  I have time to make both of those decisions.

Since I never really assigned a reward like get a pedicure at 212.8 and get a manicure at 199.8, etc.  I decided to make each one a "Goal Weight."  It is a mind game for sure.  Although the scales read 212.8 and I am celebrating reaching my 'goal weight' there is another one right around the corner.  I think that the feeling of accomplishment, the idea that I have indeed met a goal will keep me motivated as much as the hip pain did when I started.  We'll see. 

For now, I have a little celebration to attend to. 


  1. I think 185.0 would be a good middle goal for 199.8 and 175.0. It's 10 pounds away from where you finally feel happy, and it's a bit more than 10 pounds lost since 199.8. Of course, that's up to you! Anyway, great ideas! :)

  2. WOO HOO! glad you're setting milestones and staying positive too! I agree with staci 185 is a good middle weight goal.

  3. Awesome!!! 212.8 is such a great number!! 199.8 is gonna be even better!!!