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Friday, July 17, 2015


Yesterday was a day in which I experienced extreme emotions on opposite sides of the spectrum during the day.  My mind is still whirling from the events of the day.  I'm hoping that a stream of consciousness recap of the day will help my mind settle.

The first thing I did was take my mother to the eye doctor for her monthly visit with the retinaologist for the shots for macular degeneration.  They do an eye exam as a routine part of the visit.  She saw very well out of her left eye which is about 6 weeks post op from cataract surgery.  Not so well from the right, which is only about two weeks post op.  She has a couple more weeks for that eye to heal before she can get new glasses.  I am quite optimistic about her vision then.

I  planned earlier in the week to pick up my 2 1/2 year old niece at school yesterday just because I was missing her and her family.  I came home to find her car seat on my porch.  It made me smile.  I practically skipped through my day (or I would've if I could) in anticipation of picking her up.  It was a surprise for her.

When I got to her school, the teachers from other classrooms came in because they wanted to see my niece's reaction.  She goes to such a good school with such good care givers.  My niece was surprised to see me and quite ready to go.

I took her to her house and visited with her, her parents and nearly 6 month old sister for a couple of hours.  It was fabulous.  I have so much fun with them, that I lose track of time.  That is one of the sweetest families ever.

When I got home 65MD suggested that we go to a steakhouse for supper.  I was totally on board with that.  When we got in the car, I discovered my cell phone in the seat.  It must have slipped out of my purse without my notice when I got out of the car.  I was glad that happened because later I would have torn the house apart looking for it and maybe even called my relatives asking them to tear apart their house.

Just as we pulled into the parking space, I got a text.  I friend had been involved in a tragic accident and was found dead in her back yard.  I was stunned.  I gasped and read the text again.  Of course, 65MD froze, knowing I had gotten bad news.  I read the text aloud to him.  Partly because I hoped if I said it out loud it would say something different, or that I'd misunderstood.  But it still said that my friend was dead.

We went on into the restaurant but I could hardly eat.  I even choked on my food.  Choked to the point of upsetting 65MD.  I saw stars and thought I was going to faint when the food finally dislodged.  I was just about hysterical at this point.  I hurt.  My body hurt from the choking and my heart hurt for my friend's family.  Life with never be the same for them.

She retired early (about 2 years ago) to take care of her husband who was showing some signs of dementia.  It runs in his family.  He knew he was slipping and relied heavily on her.  Now she is gone and he is alone.  He has children and grandchildren, but he is without is rudder.  

I can't comprehend this.  I can't keep the thoughts from swirling in my head.  How tragic for all involved!

I try to think of my niece and her innocence.  Her sweet hugs and kisses.  She is so generous with her affection now.  She says "I love you" over and over while giving hugs.  She even pats my back when she hugs me.  It is so sweet.  I can't get enough. She is such a precious child, so, so loving.

Then my thoughts turn back to my friend...round and round I go.


  1. Oh, Lori. I am so sorry for such horrible news! We used to live in Chattanooga and Cleveland, so my mind keeps wandering to how yesterday 4 men went off to work, not in a foreign country or a dangerous destination, and then never saw their family again. I think of any children, parents, or spouses left behind. I imagine you are having some of the same thoughts of your friend. If it helps you any, it is a tough quality to have, but I think it is a good thing to be able to think of others and their feelings and keep them on your heart. If they are on your heart and mind, you will be keeping them in your prayers throughout the day. I am so sorry for your loss!

    I'm sorry for what started out as such a joyful day ended in devastation. (((hugs)))

  2. So sorry for your loss, Lori.