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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Benefits of Not Taking Pain Meds

I have been off all pain medicine except TylenoT (sic) since Tuesday.  To say I hurt is an understatement.  I have been in some pain now for years.  It is a rare thing for me to be pain free.  I didn't realize just how well the pain medicine has been working until I stopped taking it.  I am trying to stay out of The Pit, so I am thinking of the good parts of not taking pain medicine.

The first I already mentioned.  Now I know just how well the pain medicine was working!

Second, 65MD is cleaning house, and even doing laundry.  I gave him the floors some time ago.  Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping were too hard.  He doesn't quite have the same level of desire for cleanliness as I do, but I just had to let that go.  He has a demanding job, and takes care of millions of other things around the house.  Since, last week, he has suddenly turned into Mr Clean.  He's washed, dusted, swept, mopped just about everything there is to wash, dust, sweep and mop in the house, in addition to those million other things.

Third, 65MD is planning meals, cooking and cleaning up afterwards.  We developed a pattern early in our marriage that one of us cooked and the other cleaned up after the meal, mostly loaded the dishwasher.  Since I've been working from home, I've done most of the meal planning & prep.  He's cleaned up.  

This morning, he made waffles & sausage for breakfast.  His idea.  He even cleaned up afterwards.  The first thing he ever made for me while we were dating was waffles.  We were watching a movie at his house and I was hungry.  He had nothing in his house to snack on but had waffle mix and a waffle iron.  Since that time waffles have become a 'romantic' food for us.

Fourth, 65MD went to the grocery store with me yesterday and I got to push the cart.  That is a two-fer.  First, he does not enjoy shopping any where any time, and when he goes he pushes the cart.  I think he does it to keep me moving.  This time, I needed the cart to lean on as I walked shuffled through the store. He also brought them in and helped put them away.

Next, I am getting a lot of work done on the blanket I am making for my niece.  I'm hoping to get it finished while I am recuperating and start one for the baby coming in May.

Finally, I can mess around on Facebook and play Candy Crush as long as I want guilt free!

I am not quite looking forward to Tuesday and the nightmare that will start then.  But the sooner it starts the sooner it will be over.  Plus, I'll be back on the super-duper pain meds.


  1. I love the romantic waffle story! :) Well, sounds like there are quite a few benefits to no pain meds! I guess the only downfall is... pain! :-/ So sorry you are hurting. How long did you stay in the hospital afterward last time?

    1. Staci,
      I think all couples have those silly to others traditions. I love them!

      Last time I had surgery on Tuesday, came home on Thursday and started therapy on Monday. It is the same plan this time too.

  2. Love the romantic waffles! :-) So sweet!

    Do not think about Tuesday as a bad thing. Look forward to it as it will bring you awesome tings in the long run. Focus on the good!!!!

  3. Sorry you are in so much pain. Sending all the good karma I can muster to you. Will be thinking of you. I hope the road to recovery isn't too bumpy.
    Love the waffle story!