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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I co-teach the 4's, 5's and kindergartners on Sunday mornings at church.  I love that age group.  They are becoming their own individuals and at the same time are so sweet an innocent.  They are excited to learn and give love so freely.  And, they are HONEST!    What's not to love?

They are also quite into birthdays and how old everyone is.  That subject came up as the children were coming in on Sunday.  The co-teacher said that she was older than me.  She is.  The precious little girl sitting next to me piped up with; "Yes, but she is bigger" referring to me.

Now, I am choosing to believe that she was giving me high praise rather than calling me fat.  In her world, being bigger is better, as is being older.  Since I was not older than the other teacher, at least I was bigger.  I am.  The other teacher is a normal sized lady.  I'm still falling on the plus side of the spectrum.

I am sure I am making more out of the offhand comment made by a 4 year old, than I should.  Still, I keep circling back to the fact that she said "bigger" not "fat."  Maybe just maybe, her sweet little eyes don't see me as fat.  I am not as big or as fat as I once was.  There's that!


  1. Hahaha yes kids at that age just say what they think. They are not judging, they are just stating what they see as facts. I wish we (adult) would not be so judgmental about others or even about ourselves!

  2. They are great at that age. That is when I started telling my kids I'm 39. I will always be 39. And my kids would tell everyone I was 39. It's only the last 2-3 years that they start rolling their eyes when they say it.

    I bet she meant it as a compliment. I swear kids don't see things as positive or negative. It is what it is. Blue eyes or brown eyes. White skin or black skin. Big or little. Old or young. Doesn't matter to them. Their love is pure Oh if only everyone saw it that way. If only we could see ourselves that way. My nephew used to call me the name of his favorite dump truck, because I was big like the truck. I chose to see it as positive.

  3. At least your kid was little, cute, and didn't use the word fat. I got a 3rd grader who nicknamed me fat! LOL I vote take yours as a compliment!!! :)

  4. too cute, she obviously meant it as a compliment!