Total Weight Loss

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Hello There!!

Any body still here?  I abandoned this blog years ago when I got tired of sharing yet another failure to lose weight.  In the interim, I discovered health at every size, intuitive eating and even a militant-like resistance to the diet culture in society.  Those things helped me have peace with my body shape, but still not with the size.

In addition to the physical journey to health.  I've been on an intense emotional journey.  I'm not sure how much of that I will share here.  At this time, I'll say I've dealt with childhood trauma, my mother moving in and subsequently dying.  I'm continuing to deal with it.

I've been through some very dark times.  I've kept them quite private except to my family and closest friends.  Now, I see a brighter future and I'm ready to focus on being the best version of me I can be.  I am starting back on the hcg next week.  I want to share that journey here.  Not just the weight loss, that is important, but almost secondary to the emotional healing I want to experience.

I understand now, that my obesity has deep roots in the childhood trauma.  I understand now,  I don't need the extra weight to protect me.  My eating is much more peaceful now.  The hcg is to get a jump start on weight loss and alleviate some physical aches that have to do with carrying around too much weight.

Who is here?  Say 'hello' in the comments so I know who is coming along side me in this new chapter.


  1. Hello! You should still get some new (or returning faces) since you are listed on The Bethany McDonald memorial blog. I forgot all about the HCG diet. I never did it but reading your post was a flash from the past. I'm glad your feeling better mentally. That is step one.

  2. Hi Lori,
    Good to see you here. So glad to know you're seeing a brighter future and sad to hear about your dark times.
    Warmest wishes, Deniz

  3. Hello! I’m sorry about the rough patch you went through...but it sounds like you are in a good place now!

    Being healthy is not just a number on the scale. It is every aspect of our lives. It’s time we got them all in line....kudos for recognizing that!!

  4. hi!!! Welcome back... I am excited to have a familiar blogging face return :)

  5. Hey there! I check in periodically. Good luck - while I believe in loving yourself no matter your size, I do feel better and am healthier with a good chunk of weight off. Like you, there was a lot of emotional baggage to unpack to be ready to let the weight go. Take care.

  6. Wow, what a great surprise and yes, I am very much here! Oddly enough, I've been contemplating restarting my blog and seeing a blog friend who walked with me from the beginning might just be the things that gets me started. I feel as if I still have a lot to say although it will be very different. So good to hear from you. I think of you every time I am in the city where you live and wonder how you are.

    1. So good to hear from you. I think about you as well. I know you went through some dark days. I hope that you are learning to enjoy life as it is now.