Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This is Hard

 I don't think I've ever tried to adhere to any eating goals this time of the year, other than indulge!!  Even last year after I'd lost the largest amount of weight in my life, I don't remember struggling like this.  Which is one reason I wish I'd had started this blog earlier.  I think these memories fade.

Today we had our office Christmas party.  It was a lunch event.  The food was quite good, also very rich and high calorie.  I ate it knowing that I'd have my drink this evening.  That was the plan all along, but now I'm struggling not to go grab something sweet.

I almost let myself not exercise, but I did.  That was really a big victory.  I had no excuse not to, and I knew I'd have to report on Saturday, so I did.  Go, me.  Now, I'm blogging to keep from eating.  I want cookies!!

Tomorrow should be a good, clean eating day. I have no challenges to derail me except my own little brain.  Thursday, I have lunch with a woman that may assist J-boy and me facilitate our grief group in January.  I can handle that with a small salad.  J-boy's college party is Friday, and the university has two holiday gatherings, one of which is Sunday.  Sunday is also our church Christmas program with cookies & cocoa. 

I know I have to be extra good now, if I want to have a small treat or two over the weekend. Instead, I keep thinking that old way of 'chuck it all until the first of the year'.  That is what had kept me overweight & obese for so long.  That is what needs to change.  Change is hard.  This is hard, but I'll be glad when the scale is down on January 1.  No cookies tonight!


  1. You are right - this is hard and I am struggling mightily along with you. I'll have to say I'm not doing too great either!! I'm so close to the "chuck it all" because I'm getting no help from any where (and truthfully, it's no one's responsibility but mine anyway) and Mr. B seems to have forgotten promises he made earlier about cooking healthy meals if I agreed to do some entertaining over the holidays. So can you you tell not only am I frustrated with my own actions right now, I'm pretty peeved with some other people as well. Holiday spirit?? Mine got lost at the last dinner party! LOL!

  2. It's like I'm walking hand in hand with you! I'm struggleing with the same kind of food issues--at least we can say we "know" what we are doing wrong this time and try to change it!

  3. I'm in it with you!! :) NO gains! And yes, it IS hard, but nothing worth doing is easy!