Total Weight Loss

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Victory Thursday!!

I have struggled all day about what to include in my victories this week.  I have not exercised unless you count walking the long way to the copier at work and walking to a coworker's desk rather than calling, stuff like that.  I've eaten cookies, caramel popcorn, and cheesecake.  All in all, I was chalking this up to be a bad week. I was disappointed with myself for not doing better.  I was trying to think of a way to confess all of this and discuss how I needed to get back to the right path before I gained all the weight back when I realized I was slipping in to that all or nothing mindset.  If I'm not 100% on plan then I'm failing way of thinking.  That just simply was not true.
Even though I ate cookies, caramel popcorn & cheesecake during the course of the last 7 days.  I've also chosen nuts over candy because I really preferred the nuts.  I didn't eat the whole slice of cheesecake because I was getting too full and wasn't enjoying it enough.  It is in the refrigerator waiting for me, and has been there since Tuesday night.  Not once did I think, that I might as well polish off the cookies after I'd had one or two.  Those choices and the fact that I actually do walk to a coworker's desk rather than pick up the phone are all major shifts in mindset for me.  While I won't be conditioned for a marathon by doing that, every step does count.  Every good choice lays the groundwork for the next one.
I've also learned that I'm cued visually to eat.  If I don't see the cookies, I can get busy and forget about them.  If they are displayed on the table or even in a clear container, I want one every time I walk by.  All of the treats are in containers that are solid.  I can't see a thing!  I'm also cutting way back on the amount of treats I'm making.
This sort of progress is gradual and hard to notice, but is it the sort of progress that is real.  This is the sort of progress that will stay with me when the weight loss phase of this journey is over.  These are the choices that become habit.  The mindset becomes such that picking up the phone doesn't enter my mind, I just get up and walk.  From that perspective, I've had a great week!!


  1. You're right about the "all or nothing" thinking. I'm also a recovering perfectionist - which isn't easy, but that road is a terrible one. I'm learning! I cringe when I hear others being perfectionistic and I want to warn them about that road...
    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Glad you liked the stones - it's a great visual for me. One day I'll post about them but I've had them on my kitchen windowsill for a while now - they're inspiring. I chose the butterfly jar to symbolize the freedom once the weight is lost. Hokey, but it works for me!

  2. Hey Lori, sorry I haven't been more supportive with my comments lately. I'm here, reading every post, but sometimes just as a fly-by!

    I am so excited for your time with your sister. Sounds like you two are pretty close. I am thankful for our blog friendship and truly hope that 2011 will allow us an opportunity to meet.

    Merry Christmas to you and J-Boy from Mr. B and me!!

  3. I like your evaluation of your week as a success. I recently wrote about something very similar on mine. Just because I've consumed a ton of sugar this week doesn't mean the week is a fail. It's major MAJOR progress from years past; so in that respect, it's been a wonderful week food-wise. Progress and change don't happen overnight.