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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No Worries!

I'm here and doing my thing.  It is a busy time in my life, as typical this time of year.  I've blogged before about the non-profit world and how work ratchets up this time of year, so I won't belabor that discussion.  The semester is coming to an end for 65MD so his work world is in a frenzy as well.  He just has one more week after this week, and he'll have a nice long break.  Of course, there are the usual Christmas parties and festivities happening, which also take time. sister announced her engagement just before Thanksgiving.  They've set a wedding date for May, so we've already been scouting wedding sites and discussing what sort of cake she wants me to make.  Excitement all the way around!

My sister has an interesting story that I'll share later when I have time to actually give it the time it deserves.  Until then, please don't worry about me, but I'd appreciate a good thought along the way here & there!  I'll drop in and read, and hopefully, at least post my weight on Saturday.


  1. I'd begun to wonder where you were, but am well aware of the business cycle in non-profit, so assumed work was hectic. Mr. B's big concert is Thursday night and he then is in finals next week. Can't wait for him to finish! Take care and stay strong!

  2. Oh I worked for Chartered Accountants years ago & hated the tons of work time of year! Enjoy! :) Thinking of you!

  3. enjoy this glorious holiday season sweetie. i think the whole world has speeded up i'm hardly blogging myself and those i follow seldom post either.we'll all catch up in jan with plenty of great stories and successes to share! xoxoxoxoxoxo