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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Read My Own Blog

Yesterday I was trying to remember when something happened.  I remembered blogging about it at the time.  I had a general idea as to when it happened and the title of the post, so I thought it would be simple to find.  I wound up spending more time than I care to confess reading my own blog.  I found what I was looking for.  But I also found two things I wasn't seeking.

One I found a lot of treasures in the comments sections.  I was reminded of the great support I get from my readers.  Some of the very things I do now, are directly related to suggestions from my readers.

Two, I realized how I tend to forget the bad stuff.  Generally speaking I think this is a good attribute.  I can move on from a difficult situation without holding on to anger or sadness.  But, since I tend to put those memories aside, I start wondering why I'm having such a hard time now. I begin to wish it could be as easy as it was over the summer, or some other time.  Now, when I start to become nostalgic for those 'easy days' I can look back and get an accurate picture of what was really happening.

If it was indeed, and easy time, I can see what else was going on.  I can see what elements created the ease and do my best to recreate them.  If it was not an easy time, I'll quickly recall the situation and stop beating myself over how life is right now.

I think I will continue to read my own blog from time to time.  I never know what sort of gem is awaiting me.


  1. I know other bloggers who have gone back and found great wisdom in their words and in comments. I should do the same from time to time. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. lol, I've learned from my own blog too! And the comments can be so encouraging - even months later, eh?!

  3. well you are brilliant! so rereading makes perfect sense and we your loyal followers are a font of info (some great some useless but always 100% behind you) i may have to do the same myself with my old posts from yahoo 360 i saved them onto multiply when it closed. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. I wrote a whole post some time ago about this very thing. It really does make a difference in evaluating how far you've come along with what has worked or not worked. Don't think any of us would deny that we write for ourselves first, so why wouldn't it be to our advantage to go back from time to time and make sure we are following our own advice!!