Total Weight Loss

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Today I Weigh


I knew yesterday's weight was not real, but I didn't think I'd rebound all the way to the previous day's weight.  That's life.  I'll move on from here.

I've been doing a lot of consideration regarding my eating plan.  I've heard a lot about a recent study claiming that low fat is not the way to go since it slows the metabolism.  Low carb, along the lines of Dr. Atkins revs the metabolism and has a lot of benefits, with a few negatives.  This study concludes a low glycemic diet is the best.  I'm thinking of doing my own low carb thing, more towards Dr. Atkins but without processed meat.  I think the fruit as much as I enjoy it, is my nemesis now.  If the study is right and I can jazz my metabolism up by eating meat, I'm all for it.


  1. thats where i'm at sweetie. i also decided to go to a more seafood oriented plan with occasional fowl and cutting out red meat. in the last couple of days i finished off all the processed products and beef in the house and i'm simply NOT goin to buy anymore. bye bye hot dogs, bologna, pepperoni, and hamburgers too. good thing i LOVE fish and turkey. my only "cheat" which is totally allowed on atkins is pork skins cause i NEED something crunchy occasionally. i also ordered a copy of the whole30 to see what that's all about. good luck darlin, i think cutting out the fruit will help a lot!

  2. I know when my husband fasts for religious reasons, once he starts eating again his weight fluctuates upwards and then goes back down. Good luck with deciding what to do with your eating. I know it can be mind boggling!