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Friday, January 11, 2013

More Disjointed Thoughts

Since everyone that commented was so kind yesterday, I thought I'd put up another post of various thoughts. 

Oddly, I have had fish on the brain.  I want fish.  Fish is allowed on hcg, so it isn't like craving ice cream or any other forbidden item.  The strange thing about is is that I've never been a real fan of fish.  As a child, I would not touch it, except for fried shrimp.  As an adult I acquired a wider taste for it, but I'm still not the type that thinks "YUM" when it comes to fish.  Odd, but I'll go with it.

Another strange thing for me is the food dreams.  I've had them before when I really get ensconced in a program.  I had a doozy last night.  I had gone back to my most recent employer and they had remodeled the building to include a fabulous food area.  There were all sorts of delicacies there.  My friends happily showed me the area and gave me samples of everything.  I took them and gladly ate them commenting on how delicious they were.  Suddenly, I realized I wasn't supposed to be eating that and tried to recover.  (this is typical for these dreams)  I bought a frozen turkey and started walking home with it.  I knew this would not really make up for all I had eaten but somehow it was going to help some.  I woke up relieved to know that it was only a dream and I had not eaten all of that stuff which shall remain nameless.

The scales continue to give me the results I want.  I can't complain about that.  Otherwise, my life is a little bit boring, or at least not blog-worthy.  I'm glad for that.  I'm ready for some 'boring' where my life is concerned.


  1. I hope that wasn't a 20+ lb. turkey! LOL

    I'm no dream analyzing expert, but it sounds like you still (fret, because you are dreaming about it) that you might succumb to temptations. (hey, we all do.) The good thing is, even in your dream you self-corrected. BIG step!

    and yes, boring can be good. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats for boring! Okay, that's funny that you walked the frozen turkey home. Lol So in your dream, your sub-conscious reminded you that you needed a lean protein and exercise. Wonderful! LOL :)

  3. That dream is hilarious...I so hope some day we are able to look back and understand our dreams! Now that I'm mostly wheat and sugar free, I've found that if I choose to have more than I should, I tend to experience WILD dreams. And one of the meds I was on when I was sick last December caused strange dreams.

  4. lol too funny i dream about candy which i dont even like and pizza which i do. glad life is "boring" 2012 had enough drama to last a decade!

  5. Wha? You don't like weight lifting frozen turkeys? LOL Interesting dream :)