Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am planning to go on a mission trip in the fall.  Last week, I met with my doctor to discuss the needed immunizations since some take time to become potent.  We started the injections that day.  I got two hepatitis shots and a prescription for an oral typhoid vaccine, which I started the next day.  (The pharmacy didn't have that in stock, go figure!) I'll go back in a couple more weeks for more shots.

Both my doctor and the pharmacist discussed proper dosing and potential side effects of the medication.  But, I still had no idea!!  I was told 'fatigue' along with some other things like headache, upset stomach and the like.  All of which I thought were typical side effects of just about anything.

The typhoid vaccine is four doses administered every 48 hours.  A few hours after the first dose, I noticed a headache and felt very tired.  I realized what was going on and took some Excedrin for both symptoms.  I functioned pretty well and 48 hours later took dose number 2.  Again the same symptoms appeared but this time with a little more ferocity and did not go away as quickly with my old favorite Excedrin.

By the fourth dose, I could hold my head up but I didn't want to.  I sat most of the time with my head leaning back against something.  I won't discuss the other issues except to say that my digestive system was upset.  Needless to say, no weight loss happened during this time.  Even with the digestive issues, I'm sure being so sedentary burned very few calories.  My weight is up slightly.  It should fall right back off now that I've finished the regimen.

I am now, or soon will be, immune to typhoid for 5 years.  Now that all of that is over, I can get back to the business of weight loss and blog about it again.  


  1. Wow, that is some pretty crazy stuff. Glad you are feeling better now!!!

  2. you're braver than me I will NOT do immunization for anything, guess I shall never be well traveled! where are you goin to do your mission work? I have a friend who goes to Thailand and rides elephants way out into the jungle to deliver blankets to tribes.

    1. I am going on a medical mission to Guatemala.

  3. Congratulations! (On being immune to typhoid :) )
    And good for you for doing the mission trip. I'm a bit envious. There's so many corners of my life that needs dusting, and my external "giving" is one of them.