Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Here I Am

Most of my family was in town last week.  Some went back home yesterday and everyone else will leave on Monday.  My long term readers know just how much I love my family and how my world revolves around them for the week or so they are here.  So, I have been very busy having fun since I last posted.

I've been practicing moderation lately with regard to my eating.  I think I did well most of the time.  I ate what was served in normal sized to even small portions.  I ate peach cobbler and mashed potatoes, but only small servings and no seconds.  In fact the peach cobbler was a little tart and I never ate any more after my initial serving.  I could have done better though, I could have stopped eating after I decided it wasn't the best, but that seemed wasteful.  Stopping is the next hurdle I must overcome.

There were times during the week, that my niece would mention that she was hungry and I'd realize I was too.  We would be so involved in whatever activity, that I wouldn't be thinking about food at all.  In these situations, I would think that perhaps this is how 'normal' people relate to food.  They just go about their business, realize they are hungry, eat and then go back to whatever they want.  

It was freeing.  I really enjoyed this time with my family since I wasn't obsessing about food all of the time.  There was no pushing food on me either.  It was a nice easy going time.

Lest, I leave the wrong impression however, I did GAIN weight this week.  I know that I had too many indulgences.  At my goal weight, it might be OK, but not now.  Not while I am actively trying to lose.  The treats are gone so they are not here to tempt me.  I am fully back on the healthy choice wagon now with my food choices.

 I did not drink enough water all week.  It wasn't on my radar. Today, I have made that a priority.  And I have already seen the results.  I'm flushing out that excess water.  I have read from more than one source that if a person isn't taking in enough water that person will retain water.  It must be a survival mechanism that kicks in.  I'm getting plenty in now, and my body is regulating itself.  LOL!!

Finally, I did not do any formal exercise.  I did move a lot more than typical though.  Most days, I spend several hours a day at a desk.  Not last week.  We played games and moved a lot, so I feel like that part evened out.

Speaking of exercise, I'm investigating Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer.  Has anyone got any input to share with me on that?  He's the guy that did P90X.   Even though that sent me to the doctor, I'm thinking this might be OK.  There is not as much kicking.  I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow.  I plan to ask his opinion too.


  1. Never heard of the Tony guy. I hope it's something that will work for you, though! I still say if you've not tried Leslie Sansone, you're missing out. :) I think it sounds like you had a really great week. A busy week, too! You may not have stopped on foods, but you did practice moderation. Way to go!!! Restarting water is always fun. Lol

    1. Tony is one of those extreme workout guys. Thanks for the reminder about Leslie Sansone. I'll check her out. She's probably much more my speed.

  2. I actually have a couple of leslies tapes they're not bad! glad you had a good week and I know any gain will fall off quickly! good luck with the new workout cant wit to hear about it