Total Weight Loss

Monday, July 1, 2013

Two Topics

I have two items to share today.  I'll just hit the high points of my topics so as not to get too long and wordy.  

First the fast:   The grocery shopping fast ended today.  I had thought that it would last at least another few days. But, last night as 65MD and I were discussing our weeks, I realized if I did not go to the store today I wouldn't get to this week.  I didn't spend any more money than a typical shopping week when I went weekly.  There were a few things that we were completely out of that I had to restock, but most was what was wanted for a dinner party later this week.

I noticed towards the end of the month that I felt a sense of relief when I used the last of something.  Almost a gladness that it was gone and I didn't need to deal with it any more.  I like being able to see everything that is in the cabinet or refrigerator.  I still have some non-sugar sweeteners that I'm using.  I won't allow myself any agave nectar until it is gone.  I have promised myself I won't allow food to pile up like that again.

This purge has spilled over in to other areas of our life as well.  We decluttered our basement and have started on the closets.  I'm not talking about clothes.  I'm talking about those high shelves where stuff gets pushed back and forgotten.  We are not crazy hoarder people, but we are creating a huge pile of stuff to donate or yard sale.  It feels good!

Second, monthly stats.  My weight stayed the same this month.  I had finally dipped down below the prewedding weight but sadly regained that.  It does not make me happy to report a no loss month.  But, the scale is only on measure.  I lost 2.25 inches during the month which leads me to believe that I have replaced some fat with muscle.  The biggest change was in my thighs.  My pants and shorts don't seem quite as clingy as they once were.  I feel a change in the way all of my clothes fit and I've had a couple of people ask if I've lost weight.  So, I'll not fret over a small uptick.  If this really is muscle mass, I'll know soon because muscle burns more calories than fat and my metabolism will be stoked.

Also, my scales report a loss in my fat percentage.  I don't put a lot of stock in that because I've read that there are too many factors that can skew those numbers in a home situation.  This time, though, I'll say they are at least confirming my suspicion even if I haven't lost quite as much fat as they indicate.

It was a very good June for me.  I'm looking forward to an even better July.


  1. I really enjoyed hearing about the grocery store fast as it happened. Thanks for choosing to share it with us.

  2. so were there any items you decided not to restock? as for the month stats i'm with you I gained 3 pounds but lost inches everywhere! and you're right july is gonna be EPIC!