Total Weight Loss

Monday, September 22, 2014

Still Standing!

Well...not quite standing, still sitting is more like it.  I'm through all of my pre-op stuff and am now simply waiting until surgery.  I've been assured repeatedly that I'll feel better immediately.  One therapist told me I'd feel better in the recovery room.  I.can't.wait!

There is nothing to report on the weight loss front.  I'm just marking time until surgery and trying not to gain.  With my limited mobility, meaningful exercise is not happening.  I do have some pre-op exercises and then I'll have PT after.  I'm hoping to get some good moves from my therapist that I can use until all my restrictions are lifted and I can break out the belly dance DVD again!


  1. Soon, soon, soon! Good to see an update from you. I'm sure you'll get plenty of exercise in physical therapy to make up for before surgery! Lol

  2. sending prayers for a quick and complete recovery your way! hang in there darlin you're almost there!

    1. Thanks, Timothy. I'm sure everything will be fine.

  3. Sending our love and best wishes your way!