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Friday, October 3, 2014

Resting at Home

I am home from the hospital and believe that the worst of this ordeal is behind me.  I admit I was quite nervous pre-op and in quite a bit of pain.  Then,  I woke up in post op with a whole new level of pain.  It was excruciating.  I was begging for any type of pain reliever I could have.  Too bad for me, that the pain relievers were making my breathing too shallow and my bp too low to administer as often as needed to do me any good.

During that horrible time, I had to have x-rays made of my hips. Those poor techs.  I tried my best to work with them and get the whole ordeal over with, but it was hard for all of us.  I screamed in agony every time I was moved or tried to move on my own.  Luckily, I saw those techs later and was able to laugh with them over it.  They totally understood.

I had my first physical therapy session on Tuesday afternoon (surgery was Tuesday morning). It hurt so bad I nearly fainted.  But I had made up my mind going in that I was going to do whatever I had to do to get better.  So, I gritted my teeth, groaned and kept going.

On Wednesday, they took my catheter out.  That did not make me happy because that meant I was going to have to get up to pee.  Getting up was, and still is, the hardest part.  I could not use my right leg at all to help.  I had to use my arms and abdominal muscles.  By the end of the day, I felt like I'd done about a million crunches.

I decided to think of it as a good thing.  If I could come out of this with a new hip, and ripped abs, it would be all worth it.  Not to mention some tone in the upper arms.  Oh yeah!

I came home yesterday, and this has been a real trial & error for 65MD and me.  We tried several different ways to get up the steps just to get in the house.  We managed.  I got inside and in the bed without damaging either one of us!  This morning we had an adventure getting the compression hose on.  None of the little tricks we'd been given helped and a couple seemed to make things worse.  We'll figure it out though.

I start therapy on Monday.  I will go three days per week for 3 or 4 weeks depending on how much progress I make.  Until Monday, I will do my exercises I have been given and enjoy the fact that the pain I feel now is temporary.

I ask all of my readers to please pray for 65MD.  He is working so hard to make sure that I am comfortable, it brings tears to my eyes.  He is a strong man and can take a lot.  I just don't like being the cause of additional stress for him.

I have no idea how much I weigh right now.  My perception is that I have eaten very little and moved a lot which is a good combination in the weight loss world.  On the other hand, I am still fairly swollen at the surgical site.  It would be silly for me to weigh.

I'll still try to post as I am coherent.  I appreciate everyone's concern~


  1. The pre-op nurse literally told DM to take any pain meds he could get because the pain would be so unbearable. When I read that someone told you (I believe it was you??) that you'd feel relief immediately upon being out of surgery, I was worried! And to think - the hip is the easiest replacement. The knee is supposed to be AWFUL. Did the hospital realize you have steps? They had to know all that about DM before we could take him home. Any way to get a ramp built - even just a temporary one? Also, if they realize you have steps, PT may come to your home instead of you going to them if that is the case. I was going to email you today and ask about you. SO glad to see a post from you. I will do my best to remember to pray for you as you heal!!!!

    1. The pain associated with the bad joint was gone. It was replaced with the pain of cut muscles and missing bones! I am definitely taking my pain meds.

      PT knew about my steps and we practiced at the hospital. I think the practice stairs weren't as high as the ones at my house,

      I don't have to leave again until Monday so maybe I'll be stronger then.

    2. You poor thing. One day at a time!!!

  2. sending warm waves of healing your way darling, just hang in cause the worst is behind you and every day you'll get a little better!