Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Guaranteed Rapid Weight Loss!

I bet that title will get me a lot of hits today!!  I have found the way to lose a lot of weight very quickly.  Get a stomach bug that lasts for 4 days.  Yes that is 4 (four) days!  It might also help if the bug is given to individuals in the family as well, I'm not sure about that part.  LOL!  I was sick for four days and lost three pounds.  Pretty good results.  My appetite has not fully returned, so I've actually kept it off.

I was sick from Wednesday through Saturday.  65MD and my pregnant niece came down with it on Saturday.  He recovered in about 24 hours.  She wound up in the hospital with dehydration.  She was better in about 48 hours.We had some fears that this would be the Family Christmas Epidemic of 2014, but so far no one else has succumbed.

I'll record my weight and waist measures tomorrow as planned, although there will be another great big asterisk beside this week as well.  Of course, the next week is Christmas Eve, but I am determined not to use that as an excuse to allow a weight gain.  I am not going to throw in the towel and eat up until January 1.  That will only make things worse on January 1.


  1. Bless your heart. Stomach bugs are so awful!!! Your poor niece! Glad she is okay now, too! Well, enjoy the results you see, regardless of the reason! :) You are doing right not to live it up with food until 2015!

  2. reminds me of romy and michelles high school reunion, they were looking thru the yearbook and see their pic at the prom and michelle goes "you were so thin by then" and romy replies " I know mono was the best diet" lol

  3. Oh no! Wish I had not read this. I swear I can catch any stomach bug just by reading about it. Power of suggestion, I guess.

    Hope you feel better soon!