Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Weigh-in and Waist Measures

Apparently, I am rehydrated because as it stands now,  I have lost one pound since last week.  Quite frankly, I am thrilled.  I'd love it if I could consistently lose a pound a week.  I hope this is real.  I hope this is my actual weight, and I don't have more rehydration coming.

My waist measures are down two inches from last week, but I was bloated then.  That is when the whole stomach drama started in my family.

Since December 3, when I started the whole waist measuring in tandem with the scales.  I have lost 1.2 pounds and 0.75 inches.  I'm glad that things are moving in the right direction.  I'll take slow and steady any day if it means the weight will stay off.

I'm hoping next week will give me a clearer picture of how I am really doing.


  1. Awesome to hear! I'm glad you're measuring, too. I think it helps to see success in more than just pounds. Good idea!