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Monday, December 1, 2014

More Observations from My CAN Do Plan

I managed to keep up with my CAN Do goals during the long, festive, Thanksgiving weekend.  But when the goals are so loosey-goosey it isn't hard.

I've made two observations.
1.  I am triggered to overeat visually
2.  I tend to graze

There has been a lot of dessert around me lately and that is my nemesis.  I love sweets in just about any form:  cake, pie, cookies, brownies, candy, ice cream.  Love them all.  Within each category there are some I like more and some I don't like at all.  Pumpkin pie is one of the rare don't like items.  But that isn't what this post is about!!!

As much as I enjoy sweets, I hardly eat them.  I just don't buy them or bake them unless it is a special occasion, like Thanksgiving or a birthday.  I try to control things in those situations by only having one small serving of exactly what I want and then giving the rest away.  I did that again this time with the exception of some candy.

65MD had bought some high end dark chocolate for us to enjoy while we were at the cabin.  We did not eat it all while we were there.  When we unpacked, it was left out on the kitchen counter.  Every time I walked in to the kitchen it was there.  Every time I saw it I wanted some.  Several times, I actually ate some.  Finally, I realized that I couldn't continue to will myself not to eat it.  So, I put it in a drawer.

I explained to 65MD what I was doing and why.  He was fine with it, even though he doesn't have the same trigger.  The funny thing about it is, I put it in the drawer.  I know right where it is and can go get some any time I want.  Since it isn't in my face, I don't often think of it.  When I do, I tell myself I'll get it later and by then I've usually forgotten.  Whatever works, right??

Being visually triggered to overeat visually, leads to the tendency to graze.  Working from home, alone also adds to the issue.  I'll get busy on  a project and want to finish before I eat.  Then when I do decide to eat, I am famished and eat what is handy while I am preparing my meal.  That leads to eating too much as well.

I know that having quick and easy to prepare items will help, but what will help the most for me is setting a schedule.  As silly as it sounds, I have scheduled lunch on my calendar.  I really don't have deadlines that are so harsh that I can't take the time to eat.  It is simply a preference I have to finish something without interruption.

I'm hoping the continued fine tuning will help.  So far, it isn't working, not as far as weight loss is concerned.  I don't expect whopping losses with minimal effort, but I did hope to halt the giant leaps on the scales.  I would really like to find a way of eating that fits in to my lifestyle.  That way I'll keep on doing it, like my therapy.

I have finally managed to incorporate therapy in to my daily routine virtually every day.  I have three laying down exercises that I do before I get out of the bed.  Two standing up ones that I do while brushing my teeth.  The final one is steps and I manage to get it done by making an appointment on my calendar.  So, I think the lunch appointment will help too.

From reviewing my food logs, if I can stop the grazing I should see some loss on the scales.  My meals are good although more veggies wouldn't hurt!  I've been keeping the list on paper but I'm going to start entering them on my fitbit app to get a better idea of calorie count & nutrients.

I'll know more on Wednesday!


  1. I do the same thing mindlessly while watching tv or playing on the computer i simply cant have "munchies" within my reach or i'll devour them. mayhaps some of the russell stover sugar free candy would help in a pinch. or a handful of cashews or macadamias.

  2. We only had two desserts here for Thanksgiving. One of those was pumpkin pie. You would've been great here! Lol