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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bedroom Impossible

Once we got in to the job of the new flooring, 65MD realized that the subfloor was going to have to be replaced.  By subfloor, I mean pressed sawdust.  That stuff is thick and once the outer coating is broken sawdust goes everywhere.  We did not take the precautions we did with the hardwood.  Dusting is going to be a major issue when this job is finished.  I am thinking of having a dusting party once this job is complete.

Here are a few shots:
The mess, that was once the subfloor

The lining for the comforter.

This shot does not do this fabric justice. It is a tone on tone red pattern that IMO is gorgeous.  Of course, I think it is hard to go wrong with red.

Comforter & Pillow Shams
If this looks a little Crimson Tide, it is because that is what I had to do to get 65MD to agree to the whole color scheme.  There are a couple more swatches for curtains, bedskirt & throw pillows.  And my new favorite, a braided rug from all the fabrics.  I'll post them as I get to those parts of the project.


  1. If you had asked, what color do you think my new bedroom will be, I would have said red! What other color would Key Key choose ! Looks good! Sorry I will miss your dusting party. Not!

    1. I could perhaps arrange the party while you are in town later this month.

  2. I would not trade place with you... I look at the mess and it bring so much memories!

    I know once it's all done, it was worth it, right?

  3. What a mess! Bless your heart. It will be done one day, though! Lol I like the colors. I am a Vols fan, but after that I would root for Bama. Shhhh :)

  4. You definitely can't go wrong with red!!!!