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Friday, May 29, 2015

Not A Lot

I haven't quite figured out how I can feel so busy but not have a lot to show for it.  We've been back from the beach a week as of tonight.  I stepped into the whirlwind of day to day activity but can more readily list what hasn't been done than what has been done.

Mainly, nothing has been done on the bedroom redo.  We are planning to go this weekend to get some sort of underlayment necessary for the tile.  So no flooring progress at all this week.  I've also done nothing on the decor other than walk by the rolls of fabric in the hall and think about how fabulous it is going to look one day.  I'm not sure when that is going to start either.

My mother is having cataract surgery on Monday.  We had promised her that she could stay with us as long as she wanted while she recuperated.  She still can, but someone won't get a bed.  I'll go over to her house and stay a night or two, maybe longer.

Then on Friday, my mother, sister and I leave for Raleigh to visit my other sister for the weekend.  We are going to watch my 6 year old special needs nephew play his final little league game of the year!  I'm incredibly excited about that trip.  

We will be back late Sunday because my local sister is leaving for a medical mission trip to Malawi on Wednesday.  She thinks she needs a little time to get ready.

So far, I've refrained from telling 65MD that since he'll be a bachelor for most of a week, the floor should be finished when I get home.  I don't want him giving me ultimatums on the curtains, or duvet cover, etc.  And I'm really OK with the state of things, other than my mother not being able to stay.

I am glad that we are able to do a lot of the work ourselves and taking time is part of the price paid for DIY.  
I am glad that we have a comfortable place to sleep while the work is being done.  It is almost like a vacation at home.  
I am glad that I can go see my precious nephew play ball and not be encumbered by a deadline.  
I am glad that doctors can remove cataracts and improve vision.
I am glad that my mother is healthy enough to undergo surgery.  
I am glad that I can work from anywhere, even her house.

I'll take 'not a lot' of progress any day.


  1. I had to giggle at what you've accomplished with decor so far. :) Sounds like an exciting and busy upcoming week! Maybe just leave a note for the husband after you're gone with his honey-do list. Haha Praying your mother's surgery goes well. My mom had it does at the beginning of this year. I called her the afternoon of and she was still slightly drugged up and made NO sense. Lol She even fell asleep while on the phone with me. It was so funny. :)

  2. Best wishes for surgery, travel, decor, etc. I laughed at the fabric comment. I do that too. Walking by those kinds of project and have them mock me. Just do a little along. It will be done before you know it.

    1. I just hate starting something and having to leave it for a few days. It seems like I forget my plan. I think I'll decide what the easiest thing is and to that. Once I get started, I think the whole project will go quickly.

    2. That is how it works for me, too. If I ever get off course, it is very hard to get back on track. I think that is why I kill myself getting projects done because I'm scared if I put it down, it will never get finished.