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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Another Wacky Wednesday!!

Say it isn't so!  I had another series of unfortunate events yesterday.  Wacky Wednesday actually started on Monday, when I woke up with a toothache.  

I was able to see the dentist right away due to a cancellation.  Since my hip replacement, I cannot have any type of dental work without taking antibiotics beforehand.  Obviously, I had not.  However, he was able to do something to alleviate the pain and buy me a little time.  From what he could tell, I had either bruised my tooth or the tooth is going bad.  His gut said the tooth is going bad, knowing the history of that tooth.  If he is right, I'll need a root canal and new crown.  Time will tell.  If the pain returns, I have a dose of antibiotics now and a referral to the endodondist so I won't have a delay.

Then yesterday happened.  As I got dressed, I sat down on the bed and heard a clunk.  It sounded like a slat falling out.  Only we don't have slats under our bed.  I thought maybe it was the bed settling or something since we had just moved the frame over the weekend and thought nothing more of it.

I saw the surgeon after waiting an hour, only to learn that I will definitely need surgery.  This time, though, I will be able to have the surgery a little more on my own time.  In the meantime, we are trying some new pain meds.

When I got home, 65MD was already home and we were discussing the best way to use our afternoon.  Before we could operationalize our plan, he noticed that the structure holding up our mattress had come apart.  (The noise I heard & ignored.)  We have a sleep number bed.  With those, there is a box-like structure underneath the mattress rather than box springs.  It is an ordeal to move the mattress with the air hoses and all that involves.  But we had no option.

65MD called the sleep number folks and they offered to send a new structure.  He didn't want that because it would take several days and we needed a place to sleep tonight.  He's pretty good at engineering things to make them work so he re-engineered the structure so that it will never come apart again.  The only thing was we had to go to the hardware store for a couple of small braces.

We went together, planning to pick up my new pain medicine on the way back.  It was during the worst of the afternoon traffic and the car overheated.  65MD whipped into the nearest parking lot, which is where my medicine was so that was a good thing.  He knew that eventually the radiator was going to have to be replaced.  He was stalling until the bedroom project was finished.

We went in the store and got my medicine along with two gallons of water.  We got home and parked the car.  Now, I am stranded at home unless 65MD drives me.  (which is fine with me, I hate to drive!) I'll probably be stranded until early next week,  Graduation is Saturday and until then 65MD won't have time to make any repairs.

Now that I consider it more, yesterday wasn't so bad after all.
  • The dentist had a cancellation and I could go right away
  • The dentist could alleviate the pain even without my pre-meds
  • There is surgery to replace my hip and I can say when I want it.
  • There is medication to help me through until that time.
  • The car broke down, right where we needed to be.
  • I have a husband that knows how to fix stuff and does.
  • I  have a husband that will drive me wherever I want/need to go.
Life is good!