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Monday, June 1, 2015

Bedroom Progress NONE!

On Friday afternoon we borrowed my mother's Rav4 so that we could get all of the flooring materials inside a vehicle and home safely.  At the store, we were directed to the flooring expert who told use exactly what we needed and how much for the square footage.  We left the store armed with everything required to prep for laying tile. 65MD fully expected to start putting tile down this weekend.

Saturday morning he got up and put some quick drying leveling compound on the area where the addition and original house meet.  There were three types of materials in about a 6 inch space right in the middle of the room.  As a heavy traffic space, it really needed to be  level or the tile would crack.  65MD did a fine job of smoothing the compound and the area looked great.  He did some other chores while it dried. This would be great.  He had a plan to work in blocks of time and rest in between so as not to get too sore.  We had a busy week ahead.

After about 30 minutes the stuff was still wet.  The edges had begun to dry but that was it.  I offered to get out the hairdryer, but he decided to put a fan on it. He made some initial cuts in the first underlayment board.  It was ready to put in place just as soon as the area was dry.  After all, it was rainy and humid.  We should expect it to take longer to dry.  It did.  Sunday morning it was still too damp to lay the boards.  We were headed to church anyway.  When we got home, he could start.

As we were eating lunch, 65MD developed some stuffiness in his sinuses and began to cough.  We attributed it to the additional dust in the house.  He took an allergy pill and decided to watch TV for a bit in the recliner while it kicked in.  It was a stormy afternoon, perfect napping weather, so I did.

When I got up, it was obvious to me that 65MD was sick.  Poor man, I did what I could to make him comfortable and insisted that he not give the floor project another thought.  He didn't.

He has an important meeting this morning that he didn't want to reschedule.  He's there right now.  (He doesn't have a fever, so it isn't contagious.) I'll be headed over to my mother's soon because she is having a cataract removed this morning.  I'll be spending the night.  65MD thought he'd really make progress while I was away.  Now, he'll probably catch up on sitting in the recliner watching TV with his eyes closed.  He'll be fine alone for about 24 hours.  My mother's house is just a couple of miles away if something comes up.

We're both hoping this little bug is a short one, because no one ever wants to be sick.  I'll be going to Raleigh this weekend, and I really don't want to go that far while he's so bad.  Even though I didn't give him a goal to reach while I'm away, he did.  I'm OK with him not reaching that goal, but I know he'd like to be able to make progress.

I'll do a quick edit to this post once my mother is out of surgery, to let everyone know that she is OK.  I appreciate your concern.

EDIT-At my mother's house watching her sleep of the meds.  The surgery went well.  We have medicine for a week along with a few other precautions.  We have a follow up tomorrow.


  1. Oh no! And I hope it's nothing you have lurking inside you that will ruin your trip this weekend! Hope he feels better very soon. I will say I have three people I know that have went from sinus infection to bacterial infection here recently. All these allergies are violent this year! Praying for your mother.

    1. 65MD sometimes gets a bug at the end of the semester. We sometimes joke about him not getting sick during the school term. Mostly it is in the winter not the summer. Usually, I don't get it. Going to my mother's will help keep me away from his germs, and might keep me from getting it.

      Thank you for your prayers for my mother.

  2. Hope he feels better soon. Isn't that always the way? Have a safe trip! Hello to Lisa and family.