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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pillow Shams

I got the pillow shams back from the woman that monogrammed them for me.  I love the font of the "C" she chose.  The color matches perfectly and they didn't shrink as she said they did.  Unfortunately, we had a miscommunication regarding the placement of the "C."  She centered it nicely on the top half of the sham.  She couldn't quite comprehend that what she had was only front and kept wanting to sew it up for me.

So, I have some options now as to how to proceed.  First is use them as is:
Or I could cut the bottom half of the hounds tooth off and center the "C" in another fabric.  Like the lining:
Or the bed skirt:
Or both:

I like the options that include the crimson.  I'm leaning a little towards the last option since in brings in all of the fabrics included in the ensemble.

I think she did me a favor.  Being an accountant, I am not a very creative thinker.  Seeing the shams and the comforter all matching in the first photo, isn't quite as appealing as any of the others.  I plan to use some of the leftover fabric of all three types to make throw pillows to put on the bed also.  So, no matter which option I choose, all three patterns will be drawn together with the smaller pillows.

Feel free to express an opinion in the comments.  I don't promise to go with the majority opinion, but I certainly appreciate input!


  1. I can't tell much about the last picture, but I *love* the second option (outlined in crimson). It just crazily makes it look really great! :) I agree. As is just blends together too much. Regardless of which you choose, I think having crimson in the trim is a must. Love it!

  2. I like the Crimson too. And the idea of having all 3 fabrics is also appealing. Can't really tell by the picture though. I agree the throw pillows should definitely incorporate a good mix of everything.

    You win the bedroom contest!

  3. Lovely. I hate to stand out but I like the last one most :)

    1. Stand out!!

      I appreciate your input.