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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wii Stuff & Pillow Shams

First the Wii - I've been doing the Wii consistently 6 days per week for a full month.  It has been a while, since I've been able to do any type of workout for that long.  I'm celebrating that for sure.  I have improved as well.  However, the best word to use to describe my abilities is inconsistent.  Some days, and with some sports, I do quite well.  Other days, not so much.  I believe I am getting more applause and "Nice job!" comments than "Boos" and mean looks from my Mii.  

I do a body test every day using Wii Fit.  Once that I complete a Wii Fit age is assigned.  I don't make a habit of remembering it.  It is a number more useless than the number on the scale.  Still it is fun to see if I am younger or older than my actual age.

Once I do that, I do the fitness test on Wii Sports.  It also assigns an age at the end.  I think it is funny if those two ages are far apart.  Both have more to do with my skill in the randomly chosen activities than my actual health.  Except for today.

Today, both ages were the same!  I am 29.  I am remembering that.  I'm sure that today's ages were accurate on both tests, especially since I just celebrated another actual birthday on Tuesday.

Now the Pillow Shams - 65MD and I have decided on which pillow sham option we like best.  It will be something like this, only with wider crimson stripes.
This will be the hardest one to do of all the various iterations.  It will be the most obvious if the stripes aren't straight and don't match from one sham to the next.  Still, it is the most pleasing and I have plenty of time to work on it and still win the race with 65MD!

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  1. Darn! I totally forgot your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry I forgot but hope you enjoyed your special day. Now you can really tell everyone u are 29!