Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Four to Go

I have now lost 11 pounds since Friday.  My skin does not feel as though it might pop, still there is excess fluid.  My pants are still tighter than I like for them to be.

Yesterday, my mother came to help me get dressed for PT.  She commented that I looked smaller.  I know she wouldn't just lie to me, and I also know that she wants to make me feel good.  She was right though, the scales were down again.

Since I am a mere 4 pounds away from pre-op weight, I feel confident in believing that I have lost actual weight post-op.

Now, is the time that I need to be extra careful.  My appetite has returned but my ability to move normally has not.  I'm still having a high level of pain and tripping in the kitchen this morning didn't help!  So, I'm on percocet and most comfortable sitting in the bed with both legs stretched out in front of me.  I can do several PT exercises from this position and do, but I know I'm not really torching the calories.

Plus, my family and friends are  determined that we will not run out of food.  So far, everyone has been quite considerate in asking about likes/dislikes/allergies, etc.  I say that I'm avoiding white flour & sugar and that I don't like tomatoes and mayo.  I hope that doesn't sound too picky.  These people are being generous and I don't want to seem ungrateful.  At the same time, I don't want their efforts to be wasted on something I won't eat.

Right now, I have some strawberry cookies that are scrumptious - a treat from a church friend.  They are the perfect mix of sweet and tart.  After two I am satisfied.  I also have a chocolate prune cake my mother made in an effort to help with OIC.  (It is a struggle to say the least!)  It seems so sweet that I can hardly eat a whole slice.  My sister told me that the anesthesia or something has screwed up my taste buds.  She did not think the cake was extra sweet.  Plus being too sweet has never been a problem for me in the past.

I have been eating chocolate pudding like it is the last day for eating chocolate pudding.  Well, not really.  I eat about half a cup per day, but it is the only thing that I have thought of that would taste good and actually did.  With a nice little serving, I'm satisfied and don't obsess about it the rest of the day.  65MD is going to try his hand at making me some from scratch!  He's such a good man.

Other than those three sweet treats, my intake has been good.  65MD is helping me monitor my intake as well, wanting to make sure I get plenty of vegetables, particularly green ones. (OIC!)  

It is a new thing for me for him to be so invested in my eating.  He's also been monitoring the scales along with me.  In times past, he's been supportive, but hands off.  He's let me do my thing, eaten along with me and shown interest, but this is a whole new level.  It is making me a little paranoid.  I'm wondering just how distorted my mental image is vs reality, or maybe paranoia is a side effect of the medication.

I'm not going to worry too long about that.  I'm going to focus on being happy that I've lost 11 pounds since Friday and enjoy the downward trend while it lasts. 


  1. Hi Lori. Glad to hear things are getting a 'bit' better for you. Nasty discovery about that tape - maybe the adhesive rather than paper causing the allergy though. Whatever, I'm wishing you well and a smooth and speedy recovery from here on.
    Zen hugs from the UK.

  2. You are doing fine. Your body will do all sorts of weird things as far as the scale is concerned post-op. I'm glad you are getting relief from the issue you had before with the tape. Congrats on 11 pounds!! :)

  3. I love that your partner is there with you. That extra step up can make all the difference in feeling supported and accountable. I have never heard of chocolate prune cake! I hope it works!!!!

  4. Hope those pounds keep coming off! Hoe you keep making progress on PT!

  5. Just found your blog and am enjoying reading through it. Having that extra support is really important; try not to be to paranoid over it. Good luck in your recovery!