Total Weight Loss

Friday, November 6, 2015

Health Conditions

I was looking through my discharge papers yesterday to be sure that I am following all of my post-op instructions.  I have three health conditions listed:
*THR (total hip replacement)
I was heartened to read that.  I am a very healthy person.  Two of the three, will resolve themselves in time - THR & menopause.  I will help them along, of course, with PT in the case of THR and dealing with the symptoms of menopause as they arise.  That only leaves me with obesity to deal with.

And we all know that is easier said than done.  Somehow, though, knowing that is my only issue, makes it seem so much more manageable.  I think I'd become so focused on my hips and all of the issues surrounding it, wellness seemed so far out of reach.  Now, all I have to do is lose weight, and I will have no ongoing issues.

Funny aside - 65MD was reading some of my medical records to me while in the hospital and it said I was "well nourished" which we both thought must be the current euphemism for fat.  We had a good laugh with that one.

Back to the weight, I have stalled out at between 2 and 3 pounds to go with getting to my pre-op weight.  I knew that I would stall out eventually.  I just hoped it wouldn't be until I got below pre-op.

Today, in therapy, I had the therapist that helped flush out so much fluid last week.  Before I could say anything about stalling out, she told me not be be concerned if I stopped losing and gained a pound or two.  She reminded me that I was rebuilding those cut muscles and that would offset any other losses, fluid or fat.  I was glad to know that as well because that is indeed what has happened and my intake has not increased.

For once, I'll be glad with a stall on the scales and maybe not get upset about an uptick!  She also tried to work some of the remaining fluid out.  I've been thirsty today, so she may have done it again. I'll have to let my clothes tell me this time, since the scales won't.   


  1. Back when I did medical transcription in 1999 through 2005, they used well nourished. I don't think it ever meant fat. They said it with just about everyone, unless they decided to say disheveled, obese, malnourished, etc. So well nourished is good. LOL

  2. I am 'well nourished' too then. :-) That made me giggle also!

    It sounds like you are doing good. You should be VERY heartened by your medical records...two will rectify themselves and the third is something that you CAN fix!

  3. Checking in everyday. Hoping you are continuing to make progress.