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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Visit with the Surgeon

I was the surgeon yesterday.  He was very pleased with my progress.  He said my job now is to get stronger.  He agreed with the therapist that I need more sessions.  I didn't cry this time.  I've made peace with that.  I won't have any next week because it is a short week and we just couldn't get our schedules together.  Beginning the next week, I will have two session per week for two weeks.  That really isn't so bad.  

Currently, my last session is scheduled for December 11.  At that time, I'll have another evaluation and know if I'll need more or if I am released.  I've decided to make the best of it.  The only real limitation this puts on me is that I can't drive.  And, since I don't like driving, that isn't a bad thing! 

I have a hair appointment between now and December 11.  I mentioned this during the sob-fest in the car on Monday.  Of course, 65MD would have said anything to make me stop crying and he said he'd take me to my hair appointment!!!  I might not hold him to it, but I will get my hair done.

I can't drive because I am still on pain medicine.  The dosage has been dropped down, but as long as I am going to therapy, the medical community believes that prescription strength pain medicine is required.  I can't say that I disagree.  So, as long as I am on pain medication, I can take naps any time I want.  I have an easy out for any slip of the tongue, memory lapse, typo, etc.  I even think that I am exempt from housework and cooking.  I just might get used to this. 

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  1. Lol That's the way to look at it, Lori! Staycation and a new hip, too! Woohoo!