Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This & That

Not much to share.  I'm making progress in PT.  I gave up the walker yesterday and am now using a cane.  That is mostly for stability while I regain some stamina.  It is a very good thing.

My weight is still floating around 2 to 3 pounds over pre-op.  I'm not really trying to do anything about it though.  We're still eating food that is brought by friends and family, with a little take out here & there.  My exercise is PT, which is actually a pretty good workout.

I started back working yesterday.  I hadn't really not worked except the days in the hospital when I was largely disconnected.  Even though, I'd put the word out that I was having surgery and would be out of commission for a while, those emails kept coming.  I'd even put a vacation responder. I think people thought they'd just email me and I could respond when I was up to it.  Since I don't like having stuff hanging over my head, I responded to most emails as they arrived.  Yesterday was the day I started initiating emails, calls. etc.

Anyone remember the floor?  The bedroom redo that we started over spring break?   Anyone???  65MD actually said that he thought he might get back to that over Thanksgiving.  I'm not holding my breath, but at least the subject has come back up!!!

My next challenge is finding something to wear below the waist that doesn't hurt.  Anything touching that incision at all, hurts!  Around the house, I've been wearing long shirts and nothing below the waist.  I have some giant shorts from last time, that I've worn to PT.  Now, the weather has turned on me and I need to have my legs covered.  I tried some old nylon pants of 65MD's they are loose enough but when they touch the incision they really hurt.  I put on some soft stretch pants hoping the softer fabric would be the answer.  It isn't.  Now, I'm back to the giant shorts and turning up the heat.

See?  Not much to say.  I really appreciate everyone checking in on me.  I especially appreciate the supportive comments and emails.  I think it helps with the healing.


  1. Sounds like you are doing well....even with the sensitive incision!!!!

    No worries about the pre-op weight. I think holding it to that is FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Good to see an update on you. Ugh, the below-the-waist issue sounds no fun at all!

  3. Hmmm. Can you cut a hole in the pants where the incision is? Or is that pointless? Long Skirt?

    Glad you are doing well. At least you are well enough for work!

    Thinking of you!