Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ah, Freedom!

Sweet Freedom!!  Last week I was released from outpatient therapy and started driving.  It is amazing how much better I feel now.  It is because I am free from the idea that I am recovering.  Although I am not 100% recovered; I am 90% to 95% there.  I can do just about anything I want to now.  That last 5% to 10% will be slow and probably unnoticeable.  One day, I'll just realize that I'm fully back.

I have little bits of recognition now and then of how it will be.  I'll stand up and realize that I didn't push off from anything.  Or, I'll carry something like the laundry basket through the house without concern.  On the other hand, sometimes I realize that I'm swinging my body to walk rather than my leg or I'll get too tired too fast.  In time, I won't even realize that I've carried the laundry basket, and I'll walk by swinging my hip and never give it a thought.

For now, I have my exercises to do at home.  I am do to them every day for a month and then every other day for as long as I feel like I need to.  I am supplementing that with the Wii.  (my golf game is better now that I'm swinging my hips but baseball is not going so well???)  As I continue to recover, and the therapy exercises wane, I'll add more Wii.  I'll move on to Walk Away the Pounds and my long awaited belly dancing!  All of that can be done indoors so I don't have to be worried about bad weather.  When spring arrives, I should be ready to walk outside.  65MD and I are also discussing buying a treadmill or exercise bike.  We won't until the floors are finished.

I'm getting back into the groove with drinking water and eating as well.  I'm on target to hit it hard January 1.  I am declaring 2016 the year of good health for me!

And since I know everyone wants to know about my niece's birthday party and the bouncy did not work out so well.  It was lower than I felt comfortable crawling in to, because I wasn't sure how to get out..  There was an edge outside of the netting.  I decided to sit on it and bounce.  (I was cleared by my therapist to sit so I wasn't cheating!)  I sank much further than anticipated.  The weight limit was 250 lbs so that wasn't the issue.  The age limit was 8 as my nephew pointed out. So I'm going with that rather than my hips as to why I could not get back up.  I was getting worried that someone would have to pry me up with a crow bar!  I got up with much rocking to get some momentum and 65MD risking rupturing his hernia completely by pulling with all his might!

Anyway, the party was delightful.  My niece had an absolute blast.  All she wanted to do was jump.  She had to be coaxed into opening her gifts.  She loved the Elsa/Anna cake, but only ate a bite or two because she wanted to jump!  It turned out so well, 65MD was afraid she'd cry when it was cut, but she didn't.  I tried to attach a few shots, but I can't get my iPod to cooperate.  I'll keep working on it.


  1. Yay for you, woman! Two working hips. No stopping you now. Hooray!

    And yay for a wonderful birthday.

  2. Here's to 2016 and the year of healthy! <3

  3. I read this yesterday but didn't get a chance to comment. Girl, I had issues getting into one of those bouncy things about 10 years ago when I was in my 20s! Those are rough! Lol Getting out is a whole new issue. You are brave. :) Glad you had a great day, and I'm sorry you are now currently have sinus issues!