Total Weight Loss

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kind & Gentle

I'm still battling the crud here, but it isn't as bad as yesterday.  I really slammed the water and vitamin C yesterday.  I'm sure that didn't hurt and maybe it helped.  I'm doing the same thing today.

The crud has taken my appetite away.  I'm going with it.  I am trying to really pay attention to my body and give it what it needs.  As a result, I have slipped to a new low weight!

I got to my pre-op weight several days ago.  I didn't mention it because my body has this uncanny ability to know when I announce reaching a milestone and the very next day, I have a bounce up!  I am taking a major risk sharing this now.  

Just like Tuesday, when I announced 2016 was the year of health, I started getting sick!! Yesterday, I slogged through the day hardly doing my workout I had just outlined.

Maybe there is another lesson here.  Maybe I'm learning that this is how life works.  Just like my recovery wasn't a straight line from surgery to well, but had lots of ups & downs along the way, so is everything in life.  Nobody told me to suck it up and push through when I was tired and wanted to rest after surgery.  I was never told I needed to have more willpower or that I needed to make better choices.  Not once!  Nope, everyone around me was kind and gentle.  I was determined to do my best with therapy but even then, there were times when it just wasn't happening.  That was OK with me and those around me.  We just tried again later.

I need to apply those same principles to other areas of my life, namely weight loss.  Odds are, my weight will go up again.  I can't freak out.  I need to be gentle with myself and move on to the next meal/workout and do my best.  I think I can do that.


  1. I here ya on the lung, sister. Had bronchitis back before thanksgiving. Thankfully, I didn't really have the crud. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. You really do have a way of jinxing yourself, don't you?! Lol (((hugs)))

  3. I have those genes too! The jinx genes. I brag about a great fridge - it dies the next day. Take friends to an "awesome restaurant" and it takes 2 hours to get served! Let's hope 2016 is the year of good fortune for both of us!