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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Good Grief!

Yesterday, my post was full of vim and vigor.  I was ready to conquer the world.  I took some time to really think about goals for 2016 and how my days would have to look to accomplish those goals.  I wrote it down in a very different manner than has been my norm.  I listed that each day I would accomplish certain things, but not at 8:00 am to this and on to the next thing.  This time, I left all of that out.  To me, that feels like a great accomplishment.

I did a similar thing with milestones.  Much like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I will add more Wii as therapy decreases.  As I grow stronger the work out will grow more intense, but other than 30 days minimum of therapy, there is no date listed.  Nothing that says my goal is to bellydance by June 1.  Bellydancing is there, but the goal is when I am strong enough.  I feel good about this new way of goal setting.  It feels much more doable since there is plenty of room for grace.

BUT, as great as I felt yesterday, I feel rotten today.  As we were eating last night, I began to feel achy and tired.  I took some Tylenol.  Still, by bedtime, I knew it was coming.  I woke up in the night with full on crud.  (TMI-my sinuses were draining so, I thought my nose was bleeding!)

Yesterday, my biggest irritation was not being able to load the cake pictures.  Today, it is having to stop every three minutes to cough up a lung!  BTW, I haven't given up on posting the pictures.  I just don't feel like messing with it now.  I will share a funny story instead.

Yesterday, as I was working on the aforementioned goals/plan for 2016, I decided to take a little break and scroll through facebook.  I have a friend that always ends her status updates with the scripture reference Proverbs 31:25.  That references the chapter about the virtuous woman.  I couldn't remember specifically that verse, so I went to to quickly look it up.  I accidentally put in Proverbs 13:25.  Look them up in NIV and then laugh in the comments.

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  1. LOL Well, well. You can consider yourself righteous, then! There was a lady dear to my heart who passed away in the fall. I remember she would always say that she has proof that she is planted in the Lord. Then she would quote this: Psalms 92:13-14 Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing